Acknowledging Your Stage Fright Through Hypnotherapy—What to Know

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Have you ever experienced a situation wherein you had to present in front of a large group of people? Whether it’s in class, during a meeting, or in the middle of an interview, many people tend to get stage fright.

It’s a common occurrence that brings out anxiety in many individuals when they have to speak before an audience. The symptoms of growing stage fright can be physical or emotional, depending on the level of anxiety a person is feeling.

During severe cases, a person with stage fright becomes too weak to speak or act right that they forget what they’re supposed to do when dealing with a crowd. Fortunately, there are ways to manage your problem, such as hypnosis for anxiety. Keep reading below to learn more about stage fright and how hypnotherapy can address your concerns.

struggle to speak in public
Stage fright can make it difficult to speak in public

Understanding Stage Fright

Stage fright is considered a type of anxiety that turns a person anxious when they’re about to face a group of people and speak or act in a way outside their comfort zone. The occurrence doesn’t just happen to those going up on stage. Instead, it’s a term used to talk about the severe fear someone feels during various means of public speaking or performing.

A vast population of the world experiences stage fright, so it’s common for you or people you know to fear having to do something in front of a large crowd. Even people who act okay when surrounded by an audience can still get stage fright.

Moreover, celebrities, athletes, and musicians that you idolise can feel anxious and unsure about themselves right before they’re about to do their own thing. Although you don’t always have to encounter public speaking, many individuals face it daily and still get anxious.

When Can People Experience Stage Fright?

Besides being on an actual stage, a person can have stage fright in other settings, especially situations that could cause them to think others judge or criticise them. No matter what activity you’re about to do, if you’re going to initiate it in a one-on-one setup, in front of an intimate group, or a large audience, you can develop stage fright.

Some common instances that can lead you to feel stage fright are attending a job interview, doing a class presentation, hosting a party or session, or presenting in a meeting. Talking to a stranger or a person of authority, initiating small talk in a public place, or offering a speech out loud can also bring out stage fright in individuals who may require hypnosis as a cure.

Hypnotherapy can help solve stage fright
Hypnotherapy can help to resolve stage fright in just a few sessions.

How Hypnotherapy Solves Stage Fright

Some often wonder, how does hypnosis work? Through undergoing multiple sessions with a professional, people can expect to receive an array of benefits. One of the advantages of hypnotherapy is to target your stage fright and eliminate your anxiety when facing situations that involve speaking and performing in public.

Moreover, a hypnotherapist will work with you to provide you with other helpful practices to improve your performance, especially when you’re warming up and preparing for the occasion. Meanwhile, in your own ways, you can strive to minimise your stage fright.

When you eliminate negative thoughts by being present every time you feel them rise and tell yourself you’re doing your performance for a good cause, you turn your fear into comfort. You can also practice breathing techniques to put your body in a calm state.


The first step to managing your stage fright is acknowledging that you have it and you wish to get better at public speaking, performing, or talking to people and work to overcome your fears. No matter the situation, so long as you need to stand in front of someone else, you can get stage fright, even when you have a confident demeanour. Through the help of Skype hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist will work with you to manage your anxiety and teach you how to get rid of your stage fright to help you put on a brave face and finally face your fears. Are you looking for hypnosis therapy in Leeds, UK, to overcome your stage fright? Leeds Hypnotherapist strives to help our patients create a life they want to live through our hypnotherapy solutions. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment!