Anxiety Therapy Package

£247.00 inc. VAT

Do You Ever Find Yourself Worrying About Worrying?

If you are finding that your mind is full of thoughts that make you feel anxious or nervous this is of interest to you.

You may also be experiencing moments of panic and fear such as phobias.  This will help you with that too.

If you are tired of feeling anxious lots of the time and you would like instead to have a calm and relaxed mind and body then this package will help you.

The Anxiety Therapy Package helps you to go from being someone who has their mind rushing with panicky thoughts.  From having moments of fear and panic and sometimes even feeling afraid of life to be someone who is calm, confident and loves life.

You can have all of this for just £247.



The Anxiety Therapy Package can be used either face to face in my Leeds Office or by phone or Skype.  Within your package you will receive 3 therapy sessions and an audio to help you to release your anxiety.

The therapy is an intuitive mix of hypnotherapy and energy shifting techniques.  This helps you by having your subconscious mind changed to think in a different way and also remove the emotional charges that go off inside of you to cause anxiety.

This is what make the Anxiety Therapy Package so successful for people like you.  A fully integrated holistic healing package.