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Hypnosis by Skype (Skypenosis) has become increasingly popular over the years.  People are now able to choose the person that they would like to work with in the comfort of their own home without having to travel.  This really opens up many doors to someone like yourself as it means that we are able to work together even if you don’t live near Leeds.  Having worked with people in USA, Canada, New Zealand and across Europe it has really opened up this opportunity for others as well.

Skypenosis – What is Skype?

hypnotherapy leeds skype logoSkype is a tool that can be used for speaking to people around the world.  Hypnosis by Skype is just one of the uses for it.  Many people are using Skype now for talking with friends and family abroad, making new business connections and also making new friends.

Skype can be installed on your computer or as an app on your smartphone.  Here are the download links for mobile phones.  To install Skype on your home computer click the Skype image above and then come straight back here.

Google Play

Hypnotherapy Leeds Skype Google Play

 iTunes Store

Hypnotherapy Leeds iTunes image

Windows Phone Store

hypnotherapy leeds windows store

Once you have set Skype up you can then add contacts and use it for making voice or video calls.  A good wifi or cabled connection is recommended to use it for video due to the data demands.

Skypenosis – How Does Hypnosis Work On Skype?

Because you are experiencing hypnosis by Skype rather than at my Leeds office things work a bit differently.

The best way for me is by using video so that I can see any changes of expression or any micro-muscle movements giving me indicators as to what is happening inside of you.  If your internet connection isn’t strong enough to support video we can still run the session as an audio only session.

leeds hypnotherapy treatmentsThe type of hypnosis inductions that I use with people on Skype are slightly different but they all work to get the same result.  I wouldn’t use a fast or rapid working induction by Skype for instance like you could have at my Leeds office.  Instead I would use a more relaxing induction.

There are a few things that you need to make sure of when it comes to your Skype hypnosis session.

  1. Make sure that you have a good internet connection.  Having to restart the session every few minutes is just eating up time that you could be getting valuable therapy.  The vast majority of households these days have a good enough internet connection for Skype Hypnosis
  2. Turn off any electrical devices that could disturb you.  This also includes unplugging your home phone.  The person on the other end of the line doesn’t know that you don’t want to be disturbed during this time so they will call regardless.  Having a mobile phone vibrating is just as distracting as having it ringing.
  3. If you have pets either take them to someone elses if they are going to disturb you or have someone in the house that is tasked with dealing with them.  A cat for instance will see you sat or laid down and see you as a comfy cushion.  Dogs have a tendency to lick people when they are still to make sure they are ok.  If your pet is a fish then you should be fine.   I am yet to hear of a fish waking up their owner but never say never!
  4. Wear earphones or headphones.  This will allow you to shut out some of the outside noise and as an added bonus, people say that it is a much better experience for them.
  5. Children works very similar to pets however you can’t put them in cages.  Apparently.

What Would You Use Hypnosis By Skype (Skypenosis) For?

These will be your sessions so what would you like to use them for?  What is the one thing in your life right now that you would like to change?  What will it mean to you to make that happen?

I can’t tell you right now exactly how your life will change for the better but you can imagine it now and notice how much better it will be.

Send me an email

If you have any questions at all regarding having hypnosis by Skype please do get in touch.  I am always happy to help

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