About Paul Ramsden

leeds-hypnotherapist-paul-ramsdenHi it’s Paul, let me tell you a little about myself.

I have been working as a therapist for some years now due to a chance encounter that lead to me becoming a life coach.  It was through my studying of life coaching and NLP that I heard more and more about hypnosis and it seemed like a natural progression to study that as well with a view to using it as a tool to back up my coaching work. Well from taking the course it soon became apparent that hypnotherapy was the way forward for me.

Training as a hypnotherapist changed my life just as profoundly, if not more so, as becoming a life coach did.  If you are considering training yourself I will be more than happy to recommend an excellent trainer for you.

Why I Do What I Do

It is such a wonderful feeling to see the rapid and tremendous changes in people when they come to see me.  I see people as they come in for the first time and notice how they hold themselves up and how they speak and the look in their eyes.  When we have finished working together I can see the difference in these same areas.  It really is amazing to witness such a profound moment; knowing that you’ve not just impacted that person’s life but the lives that they touch as well.  I have seen hypnotherapy change so many people’s lives and given them new found strengths and happiness.

I have continued with my own personal development and I bring what I learn from this to our sessions.  There’s no point in my eyes in telling people how they can achieve so much in life unless you’re willing to go through the challenges yourself.  Life is a journey with it’s ups and downs. It’s what you do in those moments that really counts.

Outside of my work I am a Leeds Rhinos fan and love to watch them whenever I get the chance.  I am a big believer in self development and read and learn in other ways on a daily basis.  You’re never too old to have a wonderful life and you’re never too young to start.  Believe in yourself and you will get everything you wish for.

My Credentials

Here are some of the professional bodies that I am registered with.  You can find my details on their websites



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