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Why do people look for hypnotherapy for anxiety in Leeds? Well to start with there are many ways that anxiety can manifest itself and present itself. When most people think of anxiety they just think about a feeling of nervousness that we have traditionally been told about. What I have found during my work specialising in using hypnosis for anxiety is this. The underlying cause of many people's issues that show up as being physical symptoms such as being overweight, smoking and drinking too much.

Many clients that have come to see the Leeds hypnotherapist for weight loss have had underlying anxiety issues that have been the root cause of the overeating.

hypnosis for anxiety

Hypnosis can have a massive impact on anxiety symptoms

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Here are a few of the reasons why clients in Leeds have used hypnosis for anxiety issues:

  • Suffering from panic attacks and don't want to deal with them anymore
  • Fed up of feeling anxious around people
  • Being so scared of spiders that someone has to come and help you get rid of them
  • Being terrified of flying
  • Unable to speak in front of large groups or even one to one
  • Being scared of going outside on your own or leaving the house at all

These are just a small selection of the reasons why people in Leeds use hypnosis for anxiety. You might find that one of these is familiar to yourself or you might have something different. Whatever it is you can feel comfortable knowing that I have helped someone with the same anxiety issue or something similar.

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There's no need to hide from fears or anxiety anymore

What is Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety is a state where your nervous system has gone into alert as if you are in danger when in reality the danger isn't there. It is the system that was used to keep our ancestors safe when they were being attacked by sabre-toothed tigers and other dangers. Fortunately these days there aren't any sabre-toothed tigers left but because there are fewer physical outlets for your adrenaline levels when they increase the leftover adrenaline sits in your bloodstream causing anxiety disorder. 

If you were in real danger then your fight, flight or freeze response would help you to deal with that danger in a fraction of the time that it would take to process that information and make a decision on it. If you think about it, it's a really good and useful system because without it we might be killed in a real situation where you need to get out of the way or defend yourself without the time to think about it. 

Nowadays our ‘danger situations' don't present themselves in a way that can use up the adrenaline. Having to talk in front of a large group may give you the feeling of wanting to run. But if you ran around the office people would look at you like you were a loon. By dealing with the reason that you feel that anxiety using hypnosis, you will feel calm and confident instead.

Hypnosis Anxiety Calm Relaxed

Hypnosis for Anxiety can help you to be calmer and more relaxed

Why Use Hypnotherapy for Anxiety?

Using hypnotherapy is a really powerful way to allow your mind and body to feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Hypnosis is the body's natural stress-relieving mechanism (a relaxed state) and it is used by our body and mind daily. You go in and out of hypnosis around 120 times a day and it used to help you go to sleep at night and also to help you wake up in the morning. You go into hypnosis to help your mind lower the stresses from your day so that you can go to sleep and start subconsciously organising the information with your dreams. Because your subconscious mind loves hypnosis so much and it helps you to lower your anxiety and stress levels in the most natural and unique way to you using hypnotherapy is probably the best thing you can do for yourself.

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to look into where you learned anxiety from. This might sound strange after being told that you have an anxiety disorder or panic attacks from a medical advice diagnosis. Yet, these anxiety symptoms you experience can be alleviated during hypnosis.

Anxiety and Your Mental Health

Anxiety is a variety of feelings we should feel at a certain time during our life. We look towards the future and instead of seeing a positive solution happening we feel fear and/or become anxious. The brain is trying to be helpful and keep us away from situations and people that could negatively impact our mental health and wellbeing. The brain is trying to be helpful in this regard as it perceives that we don't have the tools or skills to be able to face what is coming.

Having the right skills and tools to deal with the future has many benefits to our mental health and our survival. Many people practise meditation to enter a state of relaxation and use that trance state to explore the possible tools available. You can practise meditation on your own without a therapist to achieve this and learn how to control anxiety or fear to become calm.

The feelings felt in hypnosis can be the same that you experience when you have practised meditation and learned to focus and control your awareness. The positive benefits of this are that your mental health will continue to improve, you will be more relaxed day to day and your feelings about life will be focused in a more positive way. If after meditating you find that your anxiety symptoms are still strong then it is definitely time to look at therapy. Sometimes, we need a little psychological help to manage and control our mental health more easily.

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Hypnosis helps with anxiety for better, more positive mental health

Hypnosis and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Sometimes anxiety disorders and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can present similar symptoms. A clinical hypnotherapy session can help both disorders. By utilising the hypnotic state and other techniques, we can mix suggestion techniques into the relaxed state of hypnosis alongside regression therapy.

Regression hypnotherapy really helps you to get to the core of your issue. You may be fully aware of where the disorder came from or you may learn more about it during the session. Sometimes our mind will protect us from personal past events as it has a fear about going back there again. Using the hypnotic regression process it is easy to achieve the goal of releasing that past event with the right support. Doing this in hypnotherapy with a therapist, helps you to manage your symptoms and get back to your best health.

Does hypnotherapy work for anxiety and PTSD?

Yes, clinical hypnotherapy does work as a very successful therapy for both disorders. The amount of sessions of hypnotherapy you will need varies between 3 and 6 depending on the person. Every person is given a personal plan of sessions to help them become more focused on being free from their disorder. This frees you up to have more focused attention on your own health and wellbeing.

You don't need a medical advice diagnosis for PTSD or anxiety to have hypnotherapy sessions. If you have been struggling with panic caused by PTSD and/or anxiety then the clinical use of hypnosis could be right for you.

Hypnosis for Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can really cause a lot of disruption to a person's life. Your health can suffer if it is preventing you from leaving the house or being able to go to work or see friends and family. Each client needs a different level of treatment for panic attacks.

Part of that treatment will include helping you to be able to relax and stop worry from taking over. The importance of being able to relax quickly and easily cannot be underestimated. As you will probably know, a little worry can soon flare up into a full-blown panic attack.

Anxiety about Flying

Flying anxiety is very common as it has come to light much more due to the amount of air travel available compared to only 20 years ago. Flying abroad now is sometimes cheaper than travelling around the UK. So it makes sense for many families to pick a foreign holiday to save money. 

This is great for most people but if you suffer from flying anxiety it isn't much fun. From being a nervous flyer to having full blown panic attacks at the airport hypnotherapy can help you to stop being anxious. If you would like to learn more about this go to our overcome anxiety about flying page.

Hypnotherapy Leeds UK

Hypnotherapy sessions can be face to face in Leeds or online

How a Hypnosis Treatment Will Look?

Each client will have the opportunity to explore how to recognise a panic attack in advance and how to neutralise it. Being able to do this is going to do so much good for your mental health.

We will look into a personal plan for each hypnotherapy session. Having a process of hypnotic support in place for you helps you to know where to focus your attention for the quickest results. Each person that comes in for hypnosis will receive their own individual treatment.


If you are in or near Leeds and you would like to find out more about using hypnotherapy then you can make a booking for a free consultation. Having a free consultation helps you to find out more, ask any questions that you may have and also make sure that you are working with the best person to help you. Make a free booking with the Leeds Hypnotherapist for anxiety and get back to being the happier and calmer you that you truly deserve to be.


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