Eliminating Your Food Addiction with Hypnotherapy

Eliminating food addiction with hypnotherapy

When suffering from overeating, your go-to solution might be regular trips to the gym or placing yourself on a strict diet. However, some can’t help reaching for their favourite snack after hours or an extra portion during mealtime and feel […]

COVID 19 Regulations for Therapy Sessions

Leeds Hypnotherapist COVID 19 Restrictions

As the COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease in the UK, people are starting to get ready to return to receiving hypnotherapy. I understand from those of you that have been in touch, just how difficult the UK lockdown has been. […]

Hypnotherapy for Food Phobia

hypnotherapy for food phobia healthy eating

Hypnotherapy for food phobia is just one of the many uses for hypnosis. When you have a food phobia it can make life so much more difficult for you. Your choices are restricted when you eat out as your food […]

Treating Anxiety With Hypnotherapy – What to Know

Hypnosis Anxiety Leeds

Have you ever thought about whether or not hypnosis can relieve you of anxiety? Well, up to this point, chances are that you’ve tried all kinds of methods, from going to countless counselling sessions to paying for multiple prescriptions. Unfortunately, […]