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hypnotherapy for arfid, Leeds, UK

How Hypnotherapy Can Help With ARFID: How to Deal with Picky or Fussy Eaters

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be a great way to help children with ARFID? ARFID stands for “avoidant restrictive food intake disorder,” and it is characterized by a child’s refusal to eat certain types of foods. In some cases, these children may only want to eat a few types of food and nothing else. …

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Hypnotherapy for toilet anxiety leeds

How to Overcome Toilet Anxiety

Most people don’t like to think about toilet anxiety- it’s an embarrassing and uncomfortable topic. But for some people, toilet anxiety is a real and debilitating problem. For those who suffer from shy bowel syndrome (SBS), the mere thought of using a public toilet can send them into a panic. This type of anxiety can be crippling- preventing people from going out in public and leading to overall feelings of isolation and embarrassment.
There are ways to overcome toilet anxiety and lead a normal life. In this article, we will look at tips to help you if you have anxiety about needing to go to the toilet and how you can overcome it.

hypnotherapy for health anxiety

How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Overcome Health Anxiety

Health anxiety is a condition where a person becomes excessively worried about their health, to the point where it begins to interfere with their daily life. While many treatments are available for this, hypnotherapy has been shown to be an effective option. In this article, we will look at health anxiety, illness anxiety disorder and …

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find the best hypnotherapists in Leeds

How to Find The Best Hypnotherapists In Leeds, UK

There are many hypnotherapy services in Leeds. How do you find the best one for you? What should you look for when choosing a hypnotherapist?

Is the therapist registered with a regulatory body?
Do they have a website?
How long have they been in their hypnotherapy practice?
What is the process of hypnotherapy?
What should I expect during and after my sessions?
How will hypnotherapy help me achieve my goals?
Are there any side effects to hypnotherapy?
What is the fee structure?
How many sessions should be booked?
Are there any restrictions on sessions booked prior to that of maximum length?
Can you provide me with some client testimonials?

how much does hypnosis cost UK

How Much Does Hypnosis Cost in the UK and Is It Worth It?

How much does hypnosis cost is a question that many people are asking, and it’s not surprising – hypnotherapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment option. In this article, we’ll take a look at what you can expect to pay for hypnotherapy services, as well as some of the benefits that you can expect to see.
Here at The Leeds Hypnotherapist single sessions are £100 each. You can also buy blocks of sessions to save money. For instance, 3 sessions are £285 while 6 sessions are £550.


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