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Weight loss hypnotherapy has become a more accepted method of losing weight over the past few years.  There are many aspects that hypnotherapy can be used for with regard to weight loss such as:

Losing weightWeight loss hypnotherapy scales

● Increasing exercise motivation and/or performance

Altering eating habits

● Positive self image

Gastric band hypnotherapy

● Assistance with current weight loss regime

Leeds weight loss hypnotherapist Paul Ramsden has helped many people achieve their desired shape and size through a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching techniques.

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Why Do People Become Overweight?

The main reason why people become overweight is because they have a belief inside of them connected to either their body shape or towards food.  Many people become overweight and look for hypnotherapy in Leeds because they are compensating for old feelings with food or they are eating at times when they are not physically hungry.

How many times have you eaten something without thinking about whether you are genuinely hungry?

There are different types of hunger which can be basically categorised into two types:
1. Physical hunger
2. Emotional hunger

canstockphoto10385797When you are really physically hungry you can feel it in your body and you have to eat or your body will switch into famine mode.  Emotional hunger can be just eating because you don’t feel happy, you feel tired, you are happy and associate happiness with food or you are eating out of stress or boredom.  If you have noticed yourself doing this Leeds weight loss hypnotherapist Paul Ramsden can help you to subconsciously know when to eat and also when to stop eating.

Have you ever eaten something when you are feeling upset, anxious or sad?

If you are eating to satisfy an emotional need then you are not alone.  Many, many people do this and often without even realising it.  Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to address this need and feel better within yourself.  How much better would it be for you to be able to brush off problems which seemed massive for you previously with a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem?
You would surely find it much easier to lose weight and feel great when you are feeling better within yourself wouldn’t you?

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Weight Loss Hypnotherapy or Diets?

weight loss hypnotherapy leeds image 2Now don’t get me wrong.  Dieting can be very effective in getting the right amount of nutrients inside of you and getting to your results faster.  Many athletes and sportsmen and women have a strict diet dependent upon their needs.  But are you an athlete or professional sports person?  Probably not!
You know consciously what is good for you and what is bad for you but you still eat what you shouldn’t eat anyway don’t you?
This is because your subconscious mind doesn’t agree with you wanting to lose weight.  Going on a diet for you is a bit like trying to make a rubber ball smaller by squeezing it.
It seems easy at first and you are full of motivation but the harder you push the harder it becomes to make it smaller and smaller.  Eventually after a while you become frustrated and tired and you let go and give in.
What happens then?

Well as you know that rubber ball doesn’t just bounce back to it’s original size.  It actually rebounds to a slightly larger size.  Sound familiar?  While the rubber ball is pulled back to shape due to the properties of rubber your body doesn’t do the same.
Weight loss hypnotherapy helps your subconscious mind to become aligned with you wanting to lose weight making it easier for you than going it alone.  Having someone there with you to help you through the process who understands and has helped lots of others in the past is going to be very powerful for you.  You will also need to be prepared to make changes yourself but you will be helped along the way to make those changes easily and when your subconscious mind is ready to make them.  You will find that your subconscious mind makes changes naturally and easily when it is ready.  Remember!  We are not trying to squeeze the rubber ball.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss Near Me

If you have been wondering how you can find hypnotherapy to lose weight near me, you are in the right place. We will look at your weight loss goals and what you have been struggling with to come up with the weight loss plan that you need. Weight loss hypnotherapy can help you with poor eating habits, motivation to exercise, reducing your food intake and so much more. To see how weight loss hypnotherapy can help you, simply click the button below and let me know how I can help you.

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