Hypnosis To Eat Fruit and Vegetables

I had a young lady called Katrina come to see me about wanting to use hypnosis to eat fruit and vegetables.  She hadn’t been able to eat these since she was a little girl and she could tell that it was affecting her health.  She was looking to lose weight and this was one of the big barriers for her.

Katrina came to my Leeds hypnotherapy clinic for a session of hypnosis to eat fruit and vegetables again.  Stopping eating fruit and vegetables is something that happens to lots of children when they are able to walk around.  If you have a young child that is doing this, it’s ok and you can relax about it.  This is a defense mechanism that the mind runs which we installed back in the hunter-gatherer days.

Why We Stop Eating Fruit and Vegetables

hypnosis to eat fruit and veg

The reason why we stop wanting to eat fruit and vegetables is because back in those days we used to forage for berries etc.  Now some of these berries and mushrooms are poisonous and toddlers don’t have the ability yet to be able to discern between the safe ones and the unsafe ones.  Our clever little brains came up with a great solution to this.

Instead of running the risk of dying, we installed a kind of programming that turns off the desire to eat these types of food until we know what is safe and what isn’t.

The natural way that things are supposed to happen is that at this point we start to want these in our diet again.  Sometimes however that doesn’t work and we develop a kind of phobia towards eating fruit and vegetables.  I know this because very much like Katrina I didn’t eat fruit or vegetables until I was in my mid-twenties.  This is where hypnotherapy can really help you.

Hypnotherapy for Fear of Vegetables and Fruit

Having a fear of vegetables or fruit can be very restricting for your diet. Many people talk about how, when they try to eat fruit or vegetables, they will gag or feel sick in their stomachs. This is a defence mechanism response by your body to stop you from eating vegetables or fruit. The quickest way to stop you is to make you gag. Hypnotherapy for fear of vegetables and fruit can help to stop this defence mechanism from acting and enable you to eat a more healthy and varied diet.

Can Hypnosis Help You To Eat Fruit and Vegetables?

Using hypnosis to eat fruit and vegetables breaks down the barrier that your subconscious mind has built up.  Hypnosis can help you to start experiencing these different flavours as they really are rather than as it has made them seem.

Within 20 minutes of the session, Katrina took a bite out of an apple I had given her to hold.  She didn’t stop there though.

She kept on eating it and finished the whole thing!

Here is Katrina to tell you about her experience of using hypnosis to eat fruit and vegetables.

Do You Want To Use Hypnosis To Eat Fruit and Vegetables?

If you want to use hypnosis to eat fruit and vegetables or how to start eating salads then you can come and see me in my Leeds hypnotherapy clinic or you can book a session by Skype.  Consultations are always free and my Leeds hypnotherapy clinic is within 5 minutes walk from Leeds Train Station.

Food Hypnosis Near Me in Leeds

Food addiction hypnosis and all other types of food hypnosis are available to you in Leeds, West Yorkshire or online. Book a consultation using the button below. You can find out more about the cost of hypnotherapy sessions here.

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