Pricing & FAQ​

Below is the Leeds Hypnotherapist pricing structure.

Step 1.

Paying for sessions

Paying for your hypnotherapy sessions is simple. Select the number of sessions that you wish to pay for and click the button to be taken to the payment screen.

Single Session


Wanting to pay session by session
Top-up Sessions
Past Life Regression
3 Sessions


Pay for 3 sessions
Anxiety issues​
Public Speaking Sessions
Weight Loss 1-2 clothing sizes
Habit/Behaviour Changes
4 Sessions


Pay for 4 sessions
Childhood Trauma Sessions
Depression Issues
Extensive Weight Loss inc. Gastric Band
Fears and Phobias


Extended Session
Clear all parts of the fear or phobia​
Extensive testing to make sure it is gone
Stop Smoking


2 hour session
Resolve need to smoke
Align Subconscious with not smoking
Make sure you never smoke again
Change Your Life Package


6 Sessions
Deep dive into many issues
Major transformation
Have Any Questions?​


Here are some common questions that people have. If something that you want to ask isn’t here, please use the contact form.


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