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Do you want to stop smoking?

stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds image manYou’re not on your own.  Even with all of the free help out there lots of people are still struggling to stop smoking.  Leeds  stop smoking hypnotherapist  Paul Ramsden has helped people just like you to stop smoking.  Why do you want to stop smoking?  Your reason to stop smoking is going to be different to your friends or family.
● Are you worried about you health?
● Is the rising cost getting too much?
● Are you getting fed up of the habit?

Here is one reason that most people I have helped to stop smoking in Leeds have said:

Being Able To Spend More Time With The People You Care About

This is the reality that you need to face up to and think about.  Smoking is widely reported to take time away from your life.  Each time that you smoke a cigarette you are shortening your life span.  The life where you get to spend time with those that you care about.  Is a cigarette really worth missing out on that for?

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There is a Good Reason Why You Would Choose to Continue Smoking

Inside your brain are lots of little receptors.  These receptors tell your body and your mind what is safe to take in and what isn’t.  When you are born you take in fresh air and a receptor switches on that says “We need this!”  This happens  with everything else that you come into contact with both internally and externally.  Either receptors are switched on saying that something is safe, or maybe it isn’t sure so causes an intolerance or alternatively it says “No chance!  Don’t go near that!”
When you smoked a cigarette for the first time it switched a receptor on in your brain that made you think that you  need to carry on doing that and it is important to your survival.  The reason for that isn’t that nicotine is good for you.  Far from it!  There was more than likely an emotional or psychological reason for having that first cigarette and smoking solved that problem temporarily for you.  Maybe you wanted to fit in and be accepted.  Maybe you wanted to stop thinking about something that made you feel bad.  When you try to stop smoking your subconscious mind believes that you need to keep smoking to fulfil that old need you used to have.  It hasn’t created a new solution yet which is why so many people struggle to stop smoking.
Using hypnotherapy to stop smoking can help to change all of that for you.  Your subconscious mind can be given the chance to find some real alternatives that will empower you and help you to stop smoking for good.

Can I Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy?

Stopping smoking with hypnotherapy is found by most people to be much easier than doing it on your own.  You will still need to have willpower and a genuine desire to stop smoking.  If you are just on here because your partner wants you to stop smoking then I am going to save you time and money.

You will never stop smoking until YOU WANT TO STOP SMOKING!

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Hypnotherapy is great for helping people to change their habits, such as smoking, and also for increasing motivation.  This is why if you stop smoking with hypnotherapy it can be easier for you than doing it on your own.

How many times have you tried to stop smoking before and failed?  What you tried to do didn’t work.  Do you really believe that doing the same thing time after time will give you a different end result?

Maybe it’s time that you looked into seeing The Leeds Hypnotherapist to stop smoking.

Booking your session to stop smoking is easy. You can either fill out the contact form or call me on 0113 866 2113. Hypnotherapy session prices are available here.


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