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Tips for Quitting Smoking


Leeds, UK – 23 December 2015: Millions of people smoke around the globe and want to stop.  Hypnotherapy has been a proven way to quit smoking.  Paul Ramsden, a hypnotherapist located in Leeds provides tips.


A Plan B should be devised for if quitting smoking is not possible right away.  This means knowing what needs to be done the next time.  Further, it is suggested that people know how they are going to deal with failure.  A slip up is common.  A person may slip and smoke a cigarette.  Knowing how to deal with that and push forward is an important plan to have in place.


Affirmations have been used by many.  It is a way of saying positive thoughts as a way of changing a way of thinking.  This can be helpful with the cessation of smoking by focusing on the benefits to one’s health.  Most people focus on negative affirmations and this can cause the opposite effect of what one actually wants to achieve.


Meditation can also be done to help with quitting smoking.  This will help to clear the mind.  The peace and tranquility can help to deal with the lack of nicotine entering the system.  Various YouTube videos are available and can be used to help find the way to relax.


Telling your friends and family that you are stopping smoking can be an important thing as well.  There are many people who will help to provide the support.  It is also a chance to be proud to go forward and achieve something for yourself.


Measuring success should be done as well.  “Put things into perspective. If you go from smoking twenty a day to five a day, give yourself a pat on the back,” says Paul.  People need to look at the success they have achieved.  Not everyone has the willpower to stop immediately and go from 20 cigarettes a day to zero a day on their own.  Comparing to other people’s successes is not healthy.


Everyone needs to have a plan when it comes to quitting smoking.  It can help to bring a better level of health, but what works for one is not going to work for another.  Paul urges everyone to develop an individual plan and have a Plan B set up as well.  “If you need to create a Plan F or a Plan Z then just do it!  If you’re working to your plans then you are creating success.”


A 30 minute consultation is available from Paul Ramsden and this makes it possible for people to determine if hypnotherapy is the best option for them.






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