Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

If you’ve ever tried to stop smoking on your own you will know what it is like.  You decide that you are going to do it this time and you start off with great intentions.

What Happens Then?

Inevitability kicks in doesn’t it?  Your willpower becomes tested more and more and more and…….Well, you get the picture.

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The Problem With Stopping Smoking On Your Own

Leeds Stop Smoking HypnotherapyStopping smoking on your own can be really hard work.  I know what it is like as I used to be a smoker myself years ago,  Here’s what happened for me, you might find that you resonate with some of this.

The first day in the morning was great.  I was going to do it this time and nothing and nobody were going to stop me.  I was taking charge of my health and I was going to quit smoking for good.

Lunchtime was interesting.  My smile wasn’t as broad as it was that morning.  Stopping smoking was losing it’s shine a little and having people blowing smoke at me was already wearing thin.

Fast forward a few days later and the grumpiness was rearing it’s head, I was getting frustrated much easier than I normally would, everyone was doing my head in and as for being able to do my job properly.  Well that had gone out of the window.  Since stopping smoking I had developed the art of not being able to think quickly or clearly due to all of the thoughts about stopping smoking going around my head.  After a week I ended up smoking again just so that I didn’t get the sack.  Suddenly everyone else seemed to be quite agreeable again and far less annoying apart from the other smokers gloating at how I had failed to stop smoking.

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How Was it For You the Last Time That You Tried to Stop Smoking on Your Own?

The last time that you tried to Quit smoking, you might have done better that the miserable week that I did.  The thing is though, I did stop later.  Here’s what I learned that helped me to quit.

    1. Stopping smoking is far, far easier when you have someone helping you than when you don’t
    1. If you have a really compelling reason to quit you will get much further than you will if you are flimsy about it
  1. Having a great end result in mind will help you on those days when it’s less easy than other days

“I came to see Paul as i wanted help with stopping smoking. Paul helped me to understand the real reason i smoked and to deal with a lot of emotional issues from my past which were preventing me from stopping. I have tried over the past 10 years zyban, patches, inhalators and gum unsuccessfully. Once i had dealt with these issues i was able to quit cigarettes with ease, if i am honest i was amazed how easy it was i felt no cravings and the fear in the pit of your tummy you get when you think about stopping had gone. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone the difference it has made to my life in general as well as the fact i have stopped smoking has been totally worth it.”  E. Carder *

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy – How I Can Help You

There are other stop smoking hypnotherapists out there but the question that you have to ask yourself is this,

Can They Give You What I Can Give You?

stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds womanStopping smoking without the right help can be really tough work as you probably know but with the right kind of help it can be so much easier for you.

What I will do for you is I will individually tailor your stop smoking session just for you.  I will do this based upon who you are as a person and the reasons why you are smoking and also the reasons why you want to stop smoking.

If you want to we can also work together after your initial session where you can learn mind management techniques so that you can find new ways to enjoy being a non-smoker.

You will have your cravings reduced so much more than you have experienced when stopping before. Most clients report back that they have no cravings whatsoever.

  • Stop Smoking in 1 session
  • Little or NO CRAVINGS
  • Tailored session that is JUST FOR YOU
  • FREE FROM struggling with frustration
  • CONTINUED SUPPORT available for you
  • Start feeling HEALTHIER
  • You will be PROUD of your ACHIEVEMENT

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Guaranteed.  Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Stop-smoking-leeds-hypnotherapist-paul-ramsdenYes you read that correctly I am guaranteeing that you will stop smoking when you come to see me.  If you haven’t stopped smoking I will offer you a full refund.  If you are genuine about stopping smoking then I can and will help you to stop and stay stopped.

How many other Quit smoking hypnotherapists will offer you this?

Stopping smoking should be something that you only have to do once. You may have tried before but you can make this time/the last time that you ever have to stop smoking.

Make Today The Day That You Stop Smoking For Good!

Give me a call on 0113 866 2113 or fill in this short form telling me why you want to stop smoking.

*Disclaimer.  Results vary from client to client


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