Fear Of Flying

Fear of flying can really ruin your holiday.  Not just for you but also for the people that are going with you.  Having helped hundreds of people get past their fear of flying I know how to remove this fear for you so that you can start looking forward to your holiday.

Suffering from a fear of flying really isn't necessary.  In this modern age where flights abroad are cheaper that getting a train to London, there really isn't any need for you to miss out.  If you have a fear of flying anxiety and you are holding back on booking a holiday or you have already booked there is a solution for you.

Where Does My Fear Of Flying Come From?

Fear of flying for most people has nothing to do with aeroplanes or even with flying.  I know that this might sound a little crazy right now but bare with me because I am about to tell you some of the reasons that people have really had a fear of flying.

Yes there have been some people who have experienced turbulence and that has frightened them.  Then that fear of experiencing turbulence has developed into a fear of flying.  There have also been a few people who have heard the sound of the engines start up and the fear that came from the shock of the noise has developed into a fear of flying.  For most people it comes from something that is completely unrelated to the adult mind.  So unrelated that if you tried to search for it, you would never find it.

Most people that come to see me for getting rid of their fear of flying find that it is from some time in their past that they don't even remember.  To them as an adult the event is nothing.  The reason why it is significant is that your subconscious doesn't think back to that event as an adult.  It thinks about it at the exact same age as when it happened.

How Your Subconscious Mind Created Your Fear Of Flying

Your subconscious mind is an amazing tool.  An amazing tool that can have some bugs in it.  The majority of the time it is able to take in all of the information that it receives and put everything in the right boxes.  But nothing is perfect and sometimes it can make mistakes.  This is where your fear of flying will have come from.

Here's how the subconscious mind works:

  • Your subconscious mind takes in around 2 million bits of information every single second.
  • Your subconscious then has to decide what to keep or delete depending on your own beliefs.
  • From the information that is left over it then has to distort some and stack the rest with other past experiences to match your beliefs and values.
  • From the 2 million bits you started out with, you are left with around 137 bits of information.

Now I'm sure that you can imagine with all of that going on every second, it can be possible for the occasional mistake to be made.  Sometimes you will delete information and you won't see or hear things that were really happening.  Sometimes your beliefs will cause your memory to distort what happened to make your beliefs appear real.  Sometimes what happens gets put with other events that don't belong together.  This is not only how your fear of flying starts but also how it becomes stronger and more imprinted on you.

Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Flying

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How does hypnotherapy work for fear of flying?

Hypnotherapy for fear of flying works by removing the cause of your fear.  When you uncover the true start of your fear of flying the blocks and connections attached to it start to fall down.  As I said earlier, when you think back to the initial event you don't think about it as your adult self.  The same goes for when you are experiencing a feeling connected to that event.

When you experience your fear of flying you get a feeling don't you?

That feeling that you experience goes right back to the initial experience when that feeling occurred.  Not only do you experience the feeling just as strong as you originally felt it but you also are only able to deal with it as if you were that age.  Imagine that the fear of flying cam from something that happened when you were aged 5.  Every time you feel that feeling you feel it as if you were 5 years old and you are only able to deal with it as if you were just 5 years old.

Can you imagine how difficult it is on your own to deal with a traumatic event or feeling when you are limited to the mind of a 5 year old?

The as that feeling comes up for you in other situations that feeling gets attached to other events and somewhere along the way flying gets stuck in there.  Now you are responding to flying the same way you responded to the other things.

This is where hypnotherapy for fear of flying comes into place.  Together we combine your currents abilities with my skills to remove the feeling from that event so that it's no longer an issue for you.  Plus on top of that, we break the chain of events connected to it so that the feeling disappears for good.

What Do I Do Next?

Now, book in and have a quick chat about how you can be free from your fear of flying for good.  All you have to do is call me on 0113 866 2113 or click here to contact me

Finding the right hypnotherapist for you is important. To find the best hypnotherapist for you, you need to work with someone that you can trust to be able to do what you need them to do. Get in touch to let me know how flying is affecting you and I will show you what I can do.


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