Can Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction Help a Person Stop Craving Sweets?

Hypnosis for sugar addiction can help many people who are trying to lose weight. One of the most common pitfalls would be sweets. Most people crave sweets every once in a while, if not every day. Chocolates, cakes, and desserts are some of the hardest to kick for someone on a diet.

If you’re like most dieters, you are probably willing to try everything to curb your craving for sweets, and perhaps you already have. How about hypnosis? In this post, Leeds Hypnotherapist will let you know how diet hypnosis can help stop your cravings for sweets:

How It Started

In 1963, a study on a group of college students was conducted by Okabe. The goal was to find out how effective hypnosis is in treating unbalanced or unhealthy eating habits. In the said experiment, two males and three females who all liked milk were chosen and given hypnotic suggestions so they will learn to dislike milk. Every day, they got 30 minute-sessions of hypnosis. By the 3rd or 4th session, it was already impossible for them to drink milk. The same approach, the use of negative suggestions, is used in modern-day hypnosis for sweet-craving management.

Hypnosis for sugar cravings
Sugar cravings can come from being “rewarded” with sweet things as a child.

Where Your Cravings Come From

Your cravings for sweets may come from different sources. Here are some of them:

1. Memories That Could Be Triggering Cravings

Comfort eating is often connected to a memory – fond ones that you want to relive over and over. For instance, pies might remind someone of their grandmother; a cake might bring back memories of a favourite birthday, and others. So, when you want to be taken back to those happy moments, you crave sweets that you associate with them.

2. Daily Routines

Perhaps you’ve grown up having dessert after dinner or having a sweet treat in the afternoon, so now, when it’s time for an afternoon tea or after a hearty dinner, your mind is set that you’ll get your sweet tooth satisfied.  This is how habits are formed. It can be difficult to fight a habit but hypnosis can help with that.

Sugar and tiredness or sleep issues
Too high sugar intake can affect your sleep and energy levels.

3. Stress and Sleep Deprivation

Stress can cause sweet cravings as it causes the increase of Ghrelin which is the hunger hormone.  As for sleep deprivation, when you lack sufficient sleep, the part of your brain that is associated with making decisions is suppressed, while those parts that control desire are activated.

How Does Hypnosis For Sugar Addiction Work?

Whatever the cause of your cravings, hypnosis can help “reframe” your thoughts and adjust your behaviour so that you’ll naturally reject the cravings.

Imagine finally being able to say goodbye to a habit you’ve had for years that’s been preventing you from improving your health for so long. Sounds like magic? Not at all. It’s actually science!

Hypnosis is a state of relaxation. When you are in hypnosis, your brain is in a hyper-attentive state and is also open to suggestions. During this state of suggestibility, any behaviour thought, habit or emotion you might have towards sweet foods or any kind of food you need to avoid can be changed. This is possible because it’s easier to manipulate one’s thoughts and behaviour when the person is in a state of hypnosis.

The Problem May Be Deeper Than You Think

Not many realize that a lot of what people do or their habits are influenced by what happened in the past. Perhaps your negative eating habits might have started from an occurrence in the past that you might not even remember. Because of those negative thoughts, experiences, or habits that are buried deep within your brain, it may be difficult for you to change your lifestyle. Even if you know exactly what to do and how you should do it, you still might fail.


Since the root of the problem may be subconsciously affecting your decisions, the only solution that will work is one that can dig into those causes and deal with them. Hypnotherapy is done to accomplish your goal – to get rid of unhealthy behaviour and habits and replace them with healthier ones. Hypnosis for healthy eating can help you be more mindful not only of what you eat but also when and how much you need to eat, too.

Are you ready to give diet hypnosis a try? Leeds Hypnotherapist is here to help you overcome your sweet cravings and achieve a healthier body! If you are looking for hypnotherapy for sugar addiction, contact us today to make an appointment!


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