Finding peace from PTSD through hypnotherapy

Finding Peace Through Hypnosis_ Treatments for PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most resilient mental disorders existing. It’s often depicted in films as a disorder that won’t allow the sufferer to trust anybody. Sometimes they also have particular triggers that the protagonist avoids at all costs.

What exactly is PTSD, and what makes it so jarring? Beyond that, how can treatments like hypnotherapy help? Below are details on each symptom of PTSD and how hypnotherapy and Skype hypnosis can treat them:


Patients typically experience a traumatic event that can fall under a broad range of categories, such as a death, an accident, or a disaster. These may also be prolonged, such as psychological, physical, or sexual abuse in childhood until early adulthood. Experiences like these alter their perception of the world, and they respond either by fighting, taking flight, or freezing up.

No treatment can completely undo severe levels of trauma in individuals. What hypnotherapy can target, however, is the actual experience and its effects.

Hypnotherapy will help patients access the memories of their traumatic experiences on a subconscious plane and examine the event for what it is. Using their energy fields while in a hypnosis state, they can take the emotions surrounding the event, process it, and eventually let it go. This allows a transformation and release to happen.


The traumatic experience leaves the patient with numerous interruptions in daily life, such as nightmares and flashbacks. This can often leave sufferers of the condition to feel as if they are losing all semblance of control and that their traumatised minds are taking over their free will.

A hypnotherapy session can provide the patient with the right tools to take back the sense of control that they’ve lost. Methods like ego strengthening allow those with PTSD to reach out to parts of themselves that are brave and strong. This reclaiming act allows them to anchor that sense of agency back into their conscious selves as they are reminded of their strengths and virtues.


How to stop avoiding PTSD symptoms and triggers
Effective therapy can help you to overcome avoiding triggers and work through them.

Trauma victims will naturally avoid any triggers for the negative emotions they experienced to come back. Patients not only avoid places and people, but they may also engage in substance abuse and experience dissociating too.

Hypnotherapists can help those with PTSD target their avoidance by finding parts of the lost self that were eclipsed by the avoidant behaviour as a way of survival. Restoring the self as a whole allows the patient to grasp the trauma as a more whole and well-equipped adult.


An experience of trauma can completely alter everything about a person, including personality, cognitive function, and even their relationships and systems. There is no sense of safety and security, and traumatised patients always find new ways to develop negative perceptions of themselves.

Hypnotherapy is well-known for utilising the subconscious in its methods. Psychotherapists can effectively implement modulated or controlled regressions that target the exact moment where the patient’s perception of the world turned negative. By identifying that precise moment, clients can change their distorted beliefs.


Unresolved trauma tries to manifest itself somehow in an attempt to get out. Symptoms such as hypervigilance, sleep or concentration issues, and exaggerated startles are some of the different ways that trauma can show up since it is a somatic illness.

An empowering method of healing trauma is to provide patients with the ability to complete the action they couldn’t take when their negative experience originally happened. Instead of freezing, those with PTSD are encouraged to move in their thoughts and their bodies to usher out the negative emotions, process them, and then release.


Online Treatments for PTSD - Hypnosis
Treatments for PTSD are available online as well as face to face.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that allows a patient of trauma to penetrate deep down into their subconscious and reclaim a negative experience. By bringing the level of thought and emotion deeper, hypnotherapists give patients tools to resolve their own traumas. Giving them this kind of empowerment allows them to finally take back what they’ve lost from the trauma and slowly start to live life the way they want to again.

Hypnotherapy can be used to conquer all sorts of traumas and fears. Through Paul Ramsden’s Skype hypnotherapy services, patients can seek hypnosis therapy for their PTSD triggers in the convenience of their homes. Visit my website today to learn more about my services!




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