Why Is Goal Setting Important?

Goal setting is something which is highly important but it is often done wrong.  Yes I said it.  Most people are teaching it wrong and they are doing it wrong.

I was once the same.

I was taught about how you had to make SMART goals and then of course it went on to SMARTER goals.  It is a method of goal setting which came from the corporate field decades ago yet was being touted as something new.

Modern Goal Setting


Nowadays a holistic approach is best which is sealed with a hypnotic induction.  This is like adding rocket fuel to your goals and is also great for using with the Law of Attraction.

Imagine having a goal and feeling compelled to take action upon it subconsciously whilst being filled with a sense of knowing that it is going ot happen.  No more battling with yourself over whether or not you are good enough to have it.  No more hiding away from it because you feel unworthy or that it is too much for you.  Instead you are filled with a sense of knowing that it will happen on a deeper level.

Imagine how that would feel for just a moment…….

……What would you be able to achieve if you already knew it was possible?

This is what using hypnosis for your goal setting can give you!

For now, just take a look at the video and if you like it share it using the buttons underneath.

If you would like to learn more about how hypnosis can boost your goal setting results just send me an email paul@leedshypnotherapist.co.uk or call me on 0113 460 1204



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