Why Is Happiness So Easy For Us?

Happiness is something that we human being get to enjoy so much of but many don’t even realise how primed for happiness they really are. cartoon-lizard-008Over the millenia since our chimp and even our Neanderthal days we have been constantly evolving into the beings that we are now.  One of  the most important changes that has occured during our evolution is the changes to our brain.  We started out as lizards and we still have the lizard brain inside of us.  It is refered to these days as the amygdala and this part of our brain is responsible for our fight, flight and freeze response.  This is the first part of our brains that stimuli enters and it is there to keep us safe and most importantly…..alive. As our brain developed we eventually developed the frontal lobes.  This is where the information goes to from the amygdala.  We can rationalise the signals from it and make a proper judgement call after the amygdala has made us take action of some kind.  The frontal lobes have another more wonderful function within the human brain though. These lobes are also responsible for imagination and is the area that we make pictures with.  We are the only species able to make pictures and create feelingsin the way that we do and this makes us very special and is a wonderful gift for us to have.  Here is why…….

Using Your Imagination To Be Happy

SmileyFaceOur subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that is vividly imagined and something that is real.  Your conscious mind is fully aware of what is happening and understands future and past and when you are imagining something but your subconscious mind doesn’t and believes that everything is now. This is one of the reasons why meditation is so important.  It gives your subconscious mind some quiet time to live in what really is now rather than clogging it up with all of that thinking.  Hypnosis similarly is powerful for making changes because it allows our subconscious mind to open up and be present in the now. I found this video on youtube that explains more about how imagination can help you to be happier.  Take a look at it and leave a comment below.

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