hypnosis for eating disorders

How Does Hypnotherapy Work for Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders affect many different people in many different ways. Eating disorders range from binge eating, poor eating habits, fussy eating and other issues from a poor relationship with food through to bigger issues such as anorexia and bulimia. Hypnotherapy can help with all of these food-related issues.
Hypnotherapy is fast becoming the go-to tool for people to change their life with regarding their physical and mental health. It is used for a wide range of health issues such as losing weight, motivation to exercise, breaking a sugar addiction, fussy eating, not being able to eat fruit or vegetables and other eating disorders.

hypnosis for alcoholism

Hypnosis for Alcoholism_ What Is It and How Does It Work

Throughout history, experts have fought to understand and limit alcohol’s potential to affect our actions. In recent years, they have discovered hypnotherapy as an alternative for treating alcohol addiction. Is this treatment a viable option for dealing with this issue?
Hypnotherapy employs a variety of relaxation techniques. The treatment allows for a calmer, more centred unconscious state and hyper relaxation and hyper-awareness as soon as a person achieves this condition of calm. The hypnotherapist can assist in the creation of subliminal directives.
Actual therapy begins with these powerful orders to the unconscious mind. It can gently coax a person, encouraging them to avoid drinking by exploiting the brain’s full potential in hypnosis.

How hypnosis can help with depression

Dealing With Depression? How Hypnosis Therapy Can Help

The conversation on depression and mental health has thankfully taken off in recent years. And although the fight for mental health awareness is far from over, it’s great that more and more people are focusing on their mental health. There are many ways to improve your mental health. Of course, you should always seek professional …

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PTSD therapy in Leeds

Hypnosis_ How It Can Manage PTSD and How to Find a Hypnotherapist

PTSD or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is a psychiatric disorder experienced by 3 in 100 people in the UK alone. The strict definition of PTSD means that you’ve experienced or witnessed severe trauma, such as rape, assault, torture, death, or a severe accident.  Some studies conducted found that PTSD develops in about 1 in 5 firefighters, …

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Ways to Beat Depression Leeds Hypnotherapy

A Few Powerful Ways You Can Fight Off Your Depression

Depression is, in many ways, a silent yet intensive monster. It’s also an invisible illness that can strike at any time with no regard for the age, gender, race, or other markets of the person. While an effort can be made to spend time with friends and go for a walk, the thought alone in …

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