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Update From a Client October 2022

So how do you lose weight without even working on weight loss?

I am sharing with you a story from a client of mine. As you can see from his pictures taken one year apart, he’s lost weight and looks healthier and happier. But we didn’t do any hypnosis for weight loss

About Dan

When I first met Dan, he was really struggling with PTSD, couldn’t leave his house (not even to go into the front garden), struggled when people from outside of his home came around (including family members), and was really struggling with trusting people. When I first met Dan I had to sit on a chair outside of his bedroom as it was too much for him to have me in the same room as him. 

Inch by inch I built his trust and edged closer to him.  Helping him to feel comfortable and safe. 

After that first hypnotherapy session, I received a text message from his partner Beth saying that he had just been in the front garden playing with his kids!! That was a massive step forward for Dan and we continued from there. Each time that we met, we built on what we had worked on including one session being done outdoors as we walked to the shop to buy a few things. While to some people this might not seem like much, when you’ve been stuck in your own home for years feeling unable to leave and especially not to be around people, it’s massive!!

Since seeing Dan he has continued to work on himself using what he’s been taught and improving his life along the way. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing but no journey that’s truly worth taking ever is. It isn’t whether or not there are going to be bumps in the road or obstacles in your way because they will come. It’s about what you do during those times to keep moving to where you want to be. Sometimes you might have to go sideways (or even backwards) to get there and that’s ok. 

We’ve kept in touch since and he’s been giving me updates on how he’s been doing. All the way through he has continued working towards creating more freedom for himself. 

As a result of all of the things that he’s let go of and worked through, his weight has dropped. He’s gone from wearing XL/L clothes to medium. Yet we didn’t even talk about weight loss once.

Why We Make Ourselves Become Overweight

For some people, they put weight on as a protection mechanism. They feel too weak or unable to defend themselves and so subconsciously they decide to make themselves bigger. 

Feel the need to avoid the traumas, fears or anxieties that are inside of you? Just eat rubbish and get bigger so then you’ll spend less time dealing with them. 

Afraid of heartbreak and trust issues in relationships? Just get bigger and then those same people will no longer be interested in you.

When you’ve worked through those things and feel confident and strong within yourself, there’s no longer any need to hold onto that weight. You’re not trying to protect yourself on the outside from what’s happening on the inside.

And the best of it all, on Monday, Dan started a job. He’s now not just able to go out of the house, but he’s also working with people in a customer-facing role!! The guy who I used to have to talk to from outside of the room is doing that.  All because he’s been working on clearing things out that were holding him back.

Create Your Own Healing Journey

Everyone has been through something at one point or another. We all have our own scars and our own level of trauma that we’ve experienced. Some of you reading this are mentally screaming about how you went through something worse than him which is why you are still struggling. It isn’t true though. It’s a lie that you’ve been telling yourself to keep yourself stuck and trapped in pain. If you’ve been through it, I can guarantee you that I’ve helped lots more people that have been through the same or worse than you can imagine.

It’s time to stop listening to that part of you that is trying to keep you from happiness and locked in pain and suffering. It isn’t keeping you safe, it’s keeping you stuck. You have the right to choose being stuck and I’m not going to try to take that away from you. If that’s what you want then you can have that for as long as you want. Just remember that it’s your choice to do that.

If you do want to make a new choice, it’s time to do something different. It’s time to stop making excuses and fight for what you want. The journey will never be smooth or always easy but I can tell you that it is worth the struggle to be free from that pain and suffering that you’re feeling every day anyway.

The choice that you make from here is up to you. You can read about Dan and let his journey inspire you to start your own journey. You can find some way to record the changes that you are going through whether that is through taking pictures, journaling or starting up your own personal journey blog. Whatever feels right to you, DO IT!!




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