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Why Skype Hypnotherapy Is Important In 2021

COVID-19 has forced people indoors in the United Kingdom, and the new strain of the virus that has been reported locally is undoubtedly a source of anxiety and stress. While the initial days and months of the virus were bad enough for people’s mental and spiritual health, living in fear makes everything much worse. 

Nobody wants to keep suffering from the effects of COVID-19, and it isn’t exactly a good idea to keep going out. Seeing friends and family had become customary in online Skype and Zoom calls, and this has even become the same for medical and therapeutical checkups from professionals. Being stuck at home and knowing that the virus is still at large takes a toll on people’s mental health, and this is where Skype hypnotherapy comes into play to offer hypnosis for anxiety.

Why Use Skype Hypnotherapy Sessions

It’s not a good idea to make unnecessary trips outdoors, and contracting COVID-19 isn’t a good experience for anyone. To keep our frontliners healthy and safe, minimising contact with the outside world is a must to ensure that burnouts don’t happen. Mental health can’t take a backseat, either. Living a sane and happy life despite fears of the pandemic requires people to keep living each day and fighting the good fight. 

While you’ll want someone to talk to, you’ll also need a professional to help overcome daily life’s challenges of being confined indoors with the constant fear of the uncertainties. Hypnosis in Leeds is one thing that is changing the lives of many, as it is a natural way to convince the mind to work in different fashions. 

This method is called Skypenosis, where online practices allow both clients and practitioners to work together for better mental and spiritual wellbeing. Some people might not believe that it works because of how there are roadblocks to it, but it is still a proven method to release toxic energies and have someone to talk to about problems. You can do it from the comforts of your own home, all while minimising risks of contracting the virus. 

The Advantages of Skypenosis

Whether or not the post-pandemic era sees more people going out, many are expected to enjoy the work-from-home setting. The flexibility of work caused by the pandemic has shown that it is possible and very effective. As times become safer and people can start going out, this can significantly improve their mental health because of the lack of living in fear.

However, most people have found that they enjoy using video call methods like Skype to conduct business and talk to friends and family. There was more time at home to relax and be comfortable during 2020, which allowed people to have more time with their family and their pets. Skypenosis and other forms of therapy will be a trend that will continue up to the post-pandemic world because it effectively provides people with an outlet from their homes. 

Skype sessions will always be slightly less practical than a face-to-face engagement with actual people, but studies have shown that it is still better than having nothing. The world’s shift to becoming heavily online was timely, and this helped society get through the pandemic’s demands without falling short prematurely. Post-pandemic, people worldwide can enjoy 1-on-1 sessions with Skypenosis thanks to technological advancements and developments. 


Skypenosis is one of the more modern forms of hypnotherapy, and it has proven to be a big help to people amidst the pandemic. Thanks to the reduction of contact and exposure, healthcare workers can do their jobs better, and the spread of COVID-19 is contained more efficiently. It will likely be similar in the post-pandemic world, with more people staying online to conduct business and other meetings. 

Paul Ramsden conducts 1-on-1 Skype Hypnotherapy from Leeds, the UK for people experiencing impasses and life adjustments. By transforming energy and the expulsion of negativity, metaphysical healing is possible and will assist with overall vitality and wellbeing. Contact Paul Ramsden to learn more about hypnosis for anxiety and other stressful life situations.




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