smoking ban in cars with children

Campaign Supports Smoking Ban in Cars

The smoking ban in cars with children present has been voted in by Parliament and will be in place by 1st October 2015.  Anyone found to light up with a child under 18 in the car will be seen to be breaking the law and could be fined.

The smoking ban has been welcomed by campaign groups and medical professionals due to the dangers that second hand smoke cause and also because children in an adults car don’t get to choose whether or not they smoke.  The adult that smokes in the car is forcing the child to take in second hand smoke.  Children breath more rapidly than adults so the dangers of secondhand smoke to children are greater.

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Now you may say “Well my child isn’t made to breathe in my smoke because I have the window open when I smoke.”  Well you are wrong if you think that.

Not all of the smoke is taken out of the window.  Studies now show that having a cigarette outside and coming inside still has an affect on your child.  The particles from the cigarette attach themselves to your clothing and holding your child after smoking passes those particles on to them.  Some of the smoke coming out of your cigarette will still be breathed in by your child.

Think about this for a moment.  When you are smoking with the window open, in which direction is the air coming through the window?  It travels into the back doesn’t it?  Where are your children sat when you are driving?

Smoking Ban Backed By Fresh

Lisa Surtees, acting director of Fresh said “It is really important we give children legal protection from smoking in cars.”

“Breathing in smoke is not their choice and children’s developing lungs are especially vulnerable to smoke.

“We know most children exposed to smoke hate it, but often feel powerless to ask people to stop.

“Too many children in the north east are exposed to smoke, leading to short term health problems.

“This law is a victory for children’s health. It will send a clear message that smoke is harmful and, like the smokefree law, we believe it will be largely self-enforcing.”

smoking ban in cars with children

I remember what it was like as a child being in the car with my dad when he smoked.  I used to feel sick on short journeys in the car due to the smoke but I had no choice in it.  If you smoke in the car with your child then you are doing the same to them as well.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer said: “The passing of regulations to make smoking in cars carrying under 18s illegal is a significant victory for protecting children’s health from secondhand smoke.

“Smoking just a single cigarette in a car exposes children to high levels of air pollutants and cancer causing chemicals like arsenic, formaldehyde and tar.

“Children are least equipped to speak out to protest against secondhand smoke, so I welcome this legislation to end smoking in cars when they are present.”

Stop Smoking Before The Smoking Ban

One of the best ways to protect your own child from the dangers of second hand smoke is to not smoke yourself.  Most of my stop smoking clients say that one the reasons that they want to stop smoking is for their kids.

Hypnotherapy Leeds Stop Smoking

You may have tried many different ways of stopping smoking before and they might not have worked.  That doesn’t mean that you should ever stop seeking to live a healthier lifestyle.  Speak to me about using hypnotherapy to stop smoking and let’s see what we can do together.  It isn’t even seen as a cool thing to do anymore.  Sure 20 years ago it was but nowadays smokers are treated the same as lepers.  Sent out into the cold and the rain.  People don’t want to be around it anymore.

If you are serious about wanting to stop smoking give me a call on 0113 460 1204.  Smartphone users can tap the number to call.



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