stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds

Stop Smoking Before It’s Too Late

stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds
A smokers lungs after 2 years or more will continue to get darker and less pink

I don’t think that I can express to you quite enough how important it is that you stop smoking.  It’s not just a little important, it’s imperitive that you stop smoking asap!

I’m going to show you something today that you really can’lt unknow once you’ve seen it.  I’m going to show you just how fast and tragically the effects of smoking can impact upon you.

The effect of smoking on your lungs is awful.  Just look at the image here.  It isn’t a joke and it isn’t made up.  These are the lungs of a smoker.  Don’t they look dead?  Even just by looking at these lungs you can probably imagine how much harder it is to breathe.  Blackened and disheveled.  This is what can happen to you from smoking.  Your lungs might not be as black as these in the photo or they might be worse.  Without cutting you open there is no real way of knowing.

Are you still waiting for a good enough reason to stop smoking?

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Stop smoking today and you will give your lungs the chance to start to repair themselves and become healthy again.  Keep smoking and your lungs will get blacker.  That is a fact!  There is no getting away from that.   If you smoke you are putting tar into your lungs.  Want to see those lungs in action?  Watch the clip below.

Can you see the difference now?  If you stop smoking you will be able to help your lungs to repair to being closer and closer to the healthy pink ones.  Continue smoking and your lungs will be like the blackened ones.  Maybe even worse depednding on how many you smoke and also how your own lungs react to the tar that smoking puts into them.  Not everyone has the same level of luck.  Some people have really bad luck when it comes to smoking.

Stop Smoking

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Seriously I can not stress enough how important it is that you stop smoking.  No one can truly say that they know exactly what will or won’t happen to them as a result of smoking.  The only way to avoid facing the dangers of smoking is to stop smoking.

Let me introduce someone to you.  Below is the story of Bryan.  Like many people, Bryan started smoking at a young age.  He didn’t see any danger in smoking and he thought he would be able to get away with it.  His descent was rapid!  He went from being someone who looked normal and healthy to…..well…watch the video and see for yourself.

If you are going to do just one thing for yourself today, make sure that you watch this video

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