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Learn To Speed Read in Just One Hour

Do you find that your reading speed is much slower than you would like?  There is a very good reason for this.  It is because how you have been taught to read is wrong!
This is where speed reading comes in.  Imagine how many more books you could actually enjoy reading just by learning how to do it properly.


Why You Need To Learn Speed Reading

When you are taught to read at primary school, you are taught to read out loud each and every word.  Now don’t get me wrong, at that particular time it is helpful for you to read like that as you are learning new words and how to make the sounds out loud so that you can learn to use those sounds in conversation.

When you go to high school you are taught to do the same thing.  Reading out to the class to show that you know how to pronounce the new words that you are learning.  This method is a very slow way of reading which is why you need to learn speed reading to be able to read as an adult.

As an adult, speed reading is the best way to read; we already know the words and how they sound.  If we don’t know them, we know how to use a dictionary or google them.

Why Speed Reading is How an Adult Should Read

speed reading life coach leedsWhen you read a book as an adult you are reading it for a particular purpose.  You want to get something from it such as, information, relaxation or enjoyment.

You aren’t needing to speak out each and every word, you just want to get out of it what you want.  So why do you read each and every word out in your head?

Because it’s what you’ve always done so it’s what you always will do….blah blah blah.

Can you hear how limiting that is?

Speed reading opens up the possibilities for you to able to dive into a book, get what you need and then dive right out again.  Knowing each and every word isn’t necessary for you.  It really isn’t.  All you need normally are the general words that mean something without the filler words in between.

If you are speed reading a novel, you will get to enjoy that and more novels in the same amount of time as you normally would.  If you are speed reading for learning, you will be able to learn and retain more information due to the way that speed reading opens up your subconscious mind.

When you read school style you are using solely your conscious mind to take in the information.  This limits you as your conscious mind can only take in about 37 bits of information a second whereas your subconscious mind can take in around 2 million bits of information every second.  Reading solely using your conscious mind is wasting your potential as well as your time.

A Great Speed Reading Book


I recommend Speed Reading: How to Double (or Triple) Your Reading Speed in Just 1 Hour!.  I have used this book myself and yes I was able to speed read within 1 hour.  As you go through the book it teaches you how to speed read so you are able to practice as you learn and develop new techniques.

At just a few £’s to learn how to speed read, you really can not go wrong.  How many times before have you been able to invest in your future for so little?

Learn Speed Reading quickly and easily
Learn speed reading quickly and easily



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