Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Leeds

Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Leeds

Stop smoking hypnotherapy has been around for quite some time but with advances in hypnotherapeutic techniques it has become a really powerful way of helping someone to stop smoking.  When you find a stop smoking hypnotherapist who really knows what they are doing… can be one of the greatest ways of stopping smoking available to you.

Leeds Stop Smoking Alternatives

Let’s take a quick look at the alternatives out there.  Nicotine replacement products such as patches, gum and even the e-cigs that you see so many people walking around with now.  Yes they have helped many people to stop smoking but I have had lots of people come to me for help to come off of these products.  At the end of the day, if you use one of these products you are still putting nicotine into your body and nicotine is really, really bad for you.

Did you know that within one cigarette is enough nicotine to actually kill you?  Just a thimble full can kill a horse stone dead.

Nicotine is an addictive poison and using nicotine replacement products for more than 3 months means that you are still a nicotine addict.

Why are they recommended so much by the stop smoking helpline?

Because those stop smoking help lines are funded by the companies that make those products.  They are using those help lines to make money out of you!

You can stop smoking by going to the doctor to get some cheap drugs.  Yes I know some people that have stopped smoking for a while with them but then gone back to smoking later.  The biggest problem is the mental and emotional side effects that I have seen people go through by using medication to stop smoking.  Some people I know and others I have heard about have gone through a living hell because of these drugs.  You have to ask yourself if you really want to do that to not only yourself but the people that you care about.  Is it fair on them to have to deal with their own problems but having an unstable train wreck to look after as well?

Stopping smoking by going it alone is easy for the vast minority but most people are unable to do that for themselves.  It’s not that you’re weak; it’s just that you don’t have the tools available to you right now to be able to stop smoking on your own.  A really good stop smoking hypnotherapist will be able to give you those tools.  Give you the motivation to really want to succeed and also the tools to help you out on those moments when you used to give in before.

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Stop smoking hypnotherapy can be the tool that you are looking for to help you.  No longer being a nicotine addict.  No crazy drugs to help you get off of that other drug you’re addicted to.  Do you know what that sounds like?  A heroin addict trying to come off of heroin by taking methodone.  Is that who you want to be like?

There are many other stop smoking hypnotherapists out there but can you be really sure that they can give you what I can give you?  Can you guarantee that?  Can they?  I guarantee my work.  That is how confident I am that I can help you to stop smoking.

So what is smoking costing you right now?  Not just in terms of money but also physically, mentally, emotionally?  What is it going to cost you in the future to carry on?

My stop smoking hypnotherapy package can help to take you away from all of that.  Get in touch with me today on 0113 460 1204 or email me at .

How much more is it going to have to cost you before you make the right move and get in touch with me?

Leeds Hypnotherapy Book Paul Ramsden



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