My ALS / MND Ice Bucket Challenge

So today I have performed my ALS ice bucket challenge. Oh what a joy it was to be nominated. After seeing so many of my friends doing their ice bucket challenge on a sunny day nice and warm I thought that it wouldn’t be so bad.

My day didn’t quite work out like that. My ice bucket challenge was on a day when it was cold and miserable. Can’t complain about that though because a mere thought about the people that it is helping snaps you back into reality. You quickly realise that having cold water poured over you on a cold evening is nothing compared to what people go through when suffering from ALS / MND.

Ice bucket challenges are a lot of fun but I really do want to draw your attention to the people that you are helping when you donate. So here is my video and below it I will show you a video that you really need to see about ALS /MND.

What is ALS?

ALS is often called Motor Neurone Disease in the UK.  ALS is the most common type of MND that people have.  Around 8 in 10 people with MND have ALS. It is an awful crippling disease which takes away your motor functions as the motor neurones that carry signals to your brain and muscles gradually stop working. Sufferers aren’t as well known about here in the UK as opposed to cancer so MND is often not talked about. There are around 5,000 sufferers in the UK which is why people don’t really know much about it. One of the big problems with it is that it is genetic so if one of your parents have it then you are likely to have it as well. As with all genetic conditions the more kids you have if you have it, the more chance there is of people having it. If you suspect that you have it then you really need to get tested and know for sure. If you do have it then my heart goes out to you.

Click here if you want to know more about ALS-MND

What it is really about

Want to Donate to ALS-MND Directly?

This is the donation page for the only ALS-MND charity in the UK. Make sure that you are donating to the right people and that you do donate if you do the challenge. People out there need your help.



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