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Back In The Room My Thoughts

Back In The Room has been on tonight and here are my thoughts about it.

First things first, what a funny hour it has been.  This is an example of a very good stage hypnosis show.  The people involved haven’t been doing anything too embarrassing and they have had a good laugh about it.  With stage hypnosis that is one of the most important things.   The people involved had fun and look back on it and laugh about it.

Back In The Room have done another thing right as well.  They made Phillip Scholfield the butt of many of the jokes rather than just doing it to the contestants.

I’ve been hearing lots of hypnotherapists complaining about Back In The Room before it even started.

I’ve made a point of telling people that Back In The Room is just a stage hypnosis show and has nothing to do with hypnotherapy.

Stage hypnosis has been happening for many years and there is no point in upsetting yourself about that as a therapist.  Just let it go.

Back In The Room is just a bit of fun and should be treated like that.

Back In The Room – The Contestants

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The people who are contestants on Back In The Room are selected from a larger group.  They have been tested to make sure that they are the best 5 people to put on there and will go with it the most.  This will be the case each week.

To get such great subjects for a show you have to work with as many people as possible and wittle people down to get the pick of the best.  That is why the contestants on there performed as well as they did.

One thing I can assure you is that a hypnotherapy session won’t have you playing with clay or thinking that you’ve been sucking helium from balloons.

If you are enjoying watching the show then by all means continue to enjoy it.  If you don’t enjoy it, simply turn it off.  Life is all about making personal choices to do the things that make us happier than the other options available.

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