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I Can’t Do It Because….

All the time I hear people talking about all of the reasons why they can’t do this or they can’t do that.  While many think that they are giving out reasons as to why they can’t do something, most of the time all I hear are excuses.

If this is something that you do then you’re not on your own.  Want to know a little secret?

There’s a really good reason why I know that people often come out with excuses that limit themselves…….

It’s because everyone does it!

hypnotherapy leeds, excuses

Yes that’s right.  Every single person out there limits themselves in some way but our sneaky subconscious minds don’t want us to know that we are even doing it.  Sometimes if we try to look at what we are doing then something else becomes far more important all of a sudden.

All of a sudden you really need a cup of tea and a sit down.  Maybe switch the telly on while you are having 5.  Oh and whatever you’re watching becomes really interesting and you find yourself watching it for half an hour or maybe even longer.

Want to know how I know that?

Because I was just doing exactly the same thing right before I started writing this.  I had my finished cup of tea in front of me, still warm, looking on Facebook and then I saw this video I am about to show you.

I was so compelled by this really short video that I had to get up and start writing.  In that moment I had realised what I was doing and I took action to counteract.

Why Do We Put Things Off?

Generally it’s because we have some fear inside of us.  Inside our subconscious mind are phrases such as

What about if I get rejected?

What about if I fail

What about if I succeed?

Yes there are lots of people out there who are holding themselves back because they are really afraid of what might happen to them if they are successful.

Giving up is often seen as the easy route to take.  Well, how easy is it to just give up?  What about the fact that you will always be wondering “What if?” for the rest of your life?  How long do you think you can go on thinking that for before it starts to weigh you down?  People think that giving up is easy but believe me it isn’t.  Giving up will haunt you for years.

Well, one woman didn’t want to hold herself back.  She didn’t want to be told by others that she couldn’t do this or do that.  She wouldn’t let her limitations define her or her future.

When you push yourself to succeed at something you are going to fail.  Many times even.  But if you are pushing forwards then you will also be failing forwards.  Each time you fail you will be another step closer to where you want to be.  You will know more about what does and doesn’t work.  that is the secret to success in life.

Fail forwards!

Take a look at this video and after I want you to tell me what your excuses are.  Tell me why you can’t do something and then after you have written it out I want you to close your eyes and pretend that you are her and try and say those excuses again. Do you think that she will even listen to them?  What would she say if you were her?

I want to know from you what you said to yourself in the past.  I want you to put it into the box below.  What you have said to yourself before doesn’t have to define what you will say in the future.  This is how hypnotherapy can help you.  Hypnotherapy can help you to let go of the excuses of the past and move forwards into your new future.  If you know someone who would benefit from seeing this page let them know by using the social share buttons so that they can be helped as well.



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