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Treating Anxiety With Hypnotherapy – What to Know

Have you ever thought about whether or not hypnosis can relieve you of anxiety? Well, up to this point, chances are that you’ve tried all kinds of methods, from going to countless counselling sessions to paying for multiple prescriptions. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this article, you could be looking for information or your other initial solutions did not work.

If this is your first time hearing about hypnosis, you might be cautious about seeking this method as a solution. That’s understandable given how TV and other types of media made hypnosis to look like a mind-control activity.

In this article, we will shed some light on how hypnosis can actually help relieve your anxiety.

The Cause of Anxiety

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The typical causes of anxiety will be different from individual to individual. Generally, it is caused when someone is expecting something negative to happen. For example, a shy person having to present a paper in front of a class of hundreds can easily be a cause of anxiety. While the situation itself isn’t dangerous, the mind perceives it to be so, whether it is because of a traumatising childhood experience and something similar.

The key to resolving anxiety is to allow the brain to change the way it thinks about the situation, and that’s done through hypnosis. In other words, rather than seeing the presentation as something embarrassing or dangerous, hypnosis allows the mind to retune itself by looking at it from a different perspective. While it might not entirely remove anxiety, it will undoubtedly help reduce its effects by a significant margin.

Hypnosis and Anxiety

Now that we’ve established that hypnosis does indeed address anxiety, you might be wondering how often you should participate in one before you can see results. Although hypnosis is a fast method in helping relieve you of anxiety, you might need to go through many sessions before you see results, depending on the severity of your case as well.

In most instances, however, you can expect to see some, whether huge or small, in four sessions. Again, this will depend on the severity of your case, as well as the therapist’s ability to pinpoint the source of the problem and address it.

What to Expect From Anxiety Hypnotherapy

The main thing you can expect out of a hypnotherapy session is collaboration. You will be sitting down with your therapist and figuring out the root cause of your anxiety. Only through working together will you be able to address your situation and find the relief that you’ve always wanted every single time you faced anxiety when going through a specific situation.


With any anxiety you might be experiencing, such as claustrophobia or ochlophobia, hypnotherapy works exceptionally well with them all. This is possible because hypnotherapy addresses the root cause of the problem, meaning that rather than helping you feel relief by covering the symptoms or forgetting about the situation, you drastically change the way your mind views an upcoming event. Not only does this mean that you’ll feel much more relaxed in your next presentation, but also for all the presentations in the future!

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