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Do You Like Smoking or Do You Love It?

If you are a smoker I really want to know if you like it or if you love it

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Now it might seem a bit strange that I’m asking you if you like it or love it but hear me out……because I’m going to say something even stranger.

One of the worst things that you can tell someone who smokes is that they should quit.  It doesn’t work.  Period!

I have never told any of my clients to stop smoking and I never will.

Doing something like that is something that has to be your decision and yours alone.  I have turned down quite a number of people who have come to see me to stop smoking because it wasn’t their decision to stop.  If your partner or anyone else has pushed you into coming to see me to stop smoking I will respectfully say “Sorry but it isn’t time for us to work together” and then I will explain why.

Why You Should Never Push Someone Into Stopping Smoking

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You see when someone is forced or coerced to do something that they don’t want to do deep inside then it’s kind of like stretching a rubber band and hoping it will stay stretched when you let it go.  It is just never going to work.

If you identify yourself as a smoker and you don’t want to give up smoking I want to be clear about one thing.  I don’t want you to just merely like smoking.

I want you to love smoking

Now I know that might seem a little crazy given what I do but hear me out.  I did warn you that I was going to say something that was even stranger!

To show you just how much I want you to love smoking, I want you to play along with this exercise.  Just read through the instructions first and then follow it through.  You’ll see why when you read number 1.

  1. Close your eyes (see I told you)
  2. Think of the person that you love the most (preferably alive)
  3. Remember a time that you spent with them that you felt the most in love with them
  4. Get the feeling of love building up inside of you until you feel it reach it’s highest level of intensity
  5. Now imagine a dial with numbers 1 to 10 and this feeling you’re experiencing right now is an 8.  Now I want you to turn this feeling up to a 10

Got it?

Great now run through this.  It should only take you a couple of minutes and when you’ve finished you’ll be left with a wonderful feeling inside of you.

Don’t read any further until you have done this!

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I’m telling you to wait for your own benefit.

No sneaky peeking now!

Ok, so now that you have done that I want to think of what it felt like when you had your last cigarette.  If you’re smoking one right now you don’t need to imagine what it was like but if you aren’t then close your eyes and remember what it actually felt like.  Yes you’re going to need to read through the following part before closing your eyes but I think you’re getting the jist of this now.

  1. Notice how you felt when you had that cigarette.
  2. Allow that feeling to reach it’s GENUINE intensity ( no trying to make it better than it really was)
  3. Now picture that dial again and notice which number that experience is compared to your previous 8 and 10 level experiences

Ok, you know what to do now

So how did that feel compared to the last time?

Can you honestly say that it is a 10 out of 10 experience for you?

If you try to lie to me and pretend it was then your subconscious mind will pull you up on it.  It knows genuinely whether or not one feeling feels better than another one.

Now I want you to ask yourself one question

Given the payback that you receive from smoking in the long term, is it really worth your while to have such a lesser experience and have to pay for such a lesser experience?

You see, it’s your money that is paying for that.  If someone told you that you had to pay daily for a product that you didn’t enjoy you wouldn’t be too happy about doing that would you?

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If they told you that not only did you have to pay for it but there could also be serious long term effects to your health from doing it you would be even more unhappy about it wouldn’t you?

This is why I really want you to love smoking.

I want each and every cigarette that you smoke to be a 10 out of 10.

Given the payback later in life I think you deserve to get that wonderful feeling!

So Do You Love Smoking That Much?

You know,

                        there is another way.

An alternative to this.

You can decide that you won’t pay out all of your hard earned money for such a deficit in joy.

If you stopped smoking this week and you saved all of that money for 6 months what would you do with it?

Many of my clients have been able to pay for a family holiday abroad.  Some have used that money to invest and earned even more money back.  What would you do with it though?

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Who apart from yourself would get to benefit from you stopping smoking?  What would it be like for them to be able to share that experience with you?

When you are ready, you will know.  If you know already I’m only a quick call away.

0113 460 1204



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