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What Is Smoking Costing You?

When I ask someone what smoking is costing them their initial thoughts go straight to money.  Now don’t get me wrong money is a factor for many people.  The cost of a pack of cigs has gone up so much that it is a major expense for many people.  Smoking can be as much if not more than your monthly household utility bills.

If you weren’t spending that much money every month your pocket wouldn’t feel so tight would it?

I haven’t smoked in a long time but from what people are telling me they are paying an average of £8 per packet which at 20 per day means you’re spending around £240 for a 30 day month!

stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds cost of cigarettes

At £240 a month average you’re looking at £2880 per year!

That’s a car to some.  2 family holidays a year for others.  Money to invest in getting your own business running.

Some people try to save money by buying under the counter cigarettes.  What are you getting in these though?  Some of the fakes that are being sold by this method have packaging that is so good and so close to the originals that shops don’t even know they’re getting fakes.

The things that are being put inside these fakes cigarettes are even more dangerous than your standard cigarette.  Yes you might save £2-3 per pack but the amount of extra damage that you are doing to your body doesn’t even bare thinking about.

So yes smoking is definitely costing you in monetary terms but given the payoff is it worth spending that much money on?

If you think “I enjoy smoking so why should I quit?” then read this article on why you should love smoking.

What Else Is Smoking Costing You?

No when I ask this question it tends to stump people.  They start racking their brains because we’ve just been talking about money and we know what the financial costs are.

So then I tend to say something like “What about in terms of your health?  What is smoking costing you in terms of your health?

This now opens up a completely different conversation.  Now we start looking at what matters.

You see, money is an influence on what we do but it isn’t the be all and end all of why we decide to stop doing something.  Rising petrol prices have influenced people to use their cars less.  We tend not to go out just for a drive anymore like we used to do.

It hasn’t stopped the majority of us from using our cars altogether though.

Rising cigarette prices make people think more about their habit but if you are a dedicated smoker then you will sacrifice other things in your life first before giving up cigarettes.

How Smoking Affects Your Health

Take a moment to think about what effects smoking is having on your health already.  

  • Colds last longer
  • Breathing issues
  • Rattling in your lungs perhaps
  • Lower energy levels
stop smoking hypnotherapy leeds true cost of smoking

For some it has gone further than that and they are experiencing the really serious issues from smoking.  Some will experience that later in their life.

What Could Smoking Cost You In The Future?

Now take yourself forward 10 years.  What could you be experiencing by then?  If you are already experiencing issues with your breathing, what will that be like in 10 years time?

I doubt that it is going to improve.

What is smoking costing you now in terms of the smell?  Let’s be honest with ourselves here.

Smoking stinks!

When you smoke your subconscious mind does a very good job of lowering your ability to notice just how much it stinks.  The reason that it does this is because it wants you to keep on smoking.  It wants to make sure that you are in it for the duration and therefore it deletes certain information from your awareness through filters we have in our mind.

You see those labels that they have on cigarettes these days?

They say things like “Smoking Kills” and all sorts of facts about smoking.  They are a complete waste of space.

The tobacco companies know full well that they would never work.  They know that a dedicated smoker won’t pay any attention to them so of course they were happy to let the government go ahead with that idea.

If you are a dedicated smoker no amount of warnings will even enter into your headspace!

I know it.  They know it.  And now so do you.  They are playing a game with your health in order to make money out of you.

What Does Influence Somebody To Stop Smoking?

stop smoking family

The biggest thing that I find influences people is the amount of time that they get to spend with their loved ones.

That is without a doubt the biggest thing over anything else.  Every cigarette you smoke takes time from your lifespan.

Yes you could get knocked down by a bus tomorrow but how many people do you know that have actually been killed in the UK from being knocked down by a bus?

So if you’re going to be a dedicated smoker that’s fine but just get serious about the facts.  The bus isn’t likely to kill you.

When You’re Ready To Stop Smoking

If you no longer wish to be a dedicated smoker then you can contact me about using hypnotherapy to stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy helps by getting your subconscious mind on your side so that it doesn’t become a battle for you anymore.  You no longer have that little voice in your head trying to convince you to just have one. This makes it much easier for you to stop smoking.

Instead you are someone who just does other things now and focuses on what is important to you in life.  You are much more able to get on with it.

If this sounds like something that you would like to enjoy doing give me a call on 0113 460 1204

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