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How To Improve Language Learning Using Hypnosis and Meditation

Learning a language can be simple for some people and tough for others.  For some people they can hear or see a word once and it is instantly memorised whereas some people need to repeat a word 100 times before it is set in their mind.

Improve language Learning Meditation Hypnosis Image4How can the gap be so large?

The difference comes down to two things

  1. Beliefs
  2. Technique

Techniques can be learned and practised and then improved upon.  Changing beliefs isn’t as simple for everyone depending on the depth of the belief.

The good news is that there is help available so that you can improve your language learning.

Improve Language Learning Using Meditation

Improve language learning meditation hypnosis image1One of the first things you can do to help improve language learning is to use meditation.  Let’s face facts.  Siting there with a dictionary or a text book learning words and phrases by rote can be really boring.  If you aren’t going to be using those words with someone real soon then you’re just not going to remember them as easily and maybe even feel less motivated to learn.

What you need to do is use the words that you learn in a way that engages all of the senses.  This is where meditation can really help improve language learning.

Meditation allows you to let your imagination flow.  It allows you to imprint the words and phrases that you are learning in a much more creative way.

Why is this important?

Because your subconscious mind loves imagination!  Have you ever noticed how when you’re reading a fiction book only to find yourself no longer reading the words but instead you are watching a movie in your mind?  That is your subconscious mind getting into the story you are feeding it and letting your imagination and creativity let loose.  This is what you need to be doing for yourself using meditation.

Improve Language Learning Meditation Hypnosis image2Whenever you learn a word that relates to an object, make that object out of the word.  Here are the simple steps to do that:

  • See the image in your mind
  • Think of the spelling of the word
  • Fit the word into that shape
  • Say the word out in your mind and strengthen the image at the same time
  • Make everything clear
  • Think of the image using the word in your native language
  • Bring up the picture made of the word.
  • Keep repeating this saying the word out loud and notice how it feels to let the word pass through your lips
  • Feel the object, taste it and smell it if that is appropriate reinforcing the word in the language you are learning

improve language learning meditation hypnosis image3How much stronger is that word now?  

How much more clear is it every time that you think about it?

Now in the beginning this can seem like a lot of work but as you practice this technique it becomes faster and faster until it is automatic.

Now pick out 10 words or phrases and create a story about a situation where you would encounter them or use them.  Write this story out and then go into meditation and really experience this story.  Get the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory and olfactory senses going where appropriate.  Use meditation and your imagination together to improve language learning.

In the next article I’m going to share some more ways to improve language learning.  To find out when this is released subscribe to this blog using the RSS feed button.


Have fun learning and speak soon.



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