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The Art Of Not Doing What You Should Be Doing

I hope the day is treating you well.
When we want to change something in our lives there are blocks that come up.  We have resistance that pops up and gets us to do all sorts of things like this:
 hypnotherapy leeds image1 procrastination
  • Start playing with our mobile phones
  • Become really interested in the TV
  • Make arrangements to do something else completely
  • Justify why we are filling our day with other stuff to avoid the thing we need to do
  • Feeling the sudden need to go out for a walk (or other activity) when you really need to knuckle down
  • Spending 30 minutes deciding on what music you’re going to listen to while you are doing what you need to do (sometimes the right  music choice becomes making a playlist of songs you haven’t heard in a while)
  • Becoming more motivated to do household chores
  • Telling yourself about all of the things that might go wrong and going off into a fantasy land about potential futures (daydreaming)
  • Pacing and telling yourself about why you should be doing it
  • Becoming suddenly hungry even though really you’re not hungry but spending some time thinking about what you could make to eat seems like a really good use of your time
Can you see a pattern here?      It’s all about AVOIDANCE.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

The things that are going to give us the greatest change we tend to avoid.  Why do we do that to ourselves though?  We have good intentions.  The thing that we want is going to improve our lives in some way and possibly improve the lives of those around us as well.  So why would we avoid it?
Inside of us we still have the old lizard brain.  Now lizards live by finding food, water, shelter and that is pretty much it.  The like to stay inside their little place of comfort where everything stays the same all of the time and nothing ever changes.
Here’s the problem….
cartoon-lizard-008We’re not lizards anymore.  We are now humans and the human world changes constantly.  This means that to get through this fear we have to become aware.  I mean really aware of what we are doing to avoid making changes.   The things that will make our lives better tend to live outside of our comfort zone so you need to break out of it and discipline yourself when you notice you are doing these things.
Write out a list of your avoidance tactics and put them somewhere prominent so that if you catch yourself doing one of them you can remind yourself that it isn’t as important as reaching your goal and bring your focus and attention back to where it should be.
I go into more detail about this with my coaching and hypnotherapy clients when they need it.  As well as this we work together to break down the blocks so that you can move forward much quicker than working through it on your own.
So tell me about your distractions.  What are you doing that you shouldn’t be doing and what aren’t you doing that you should?
Speak soon
If you are having issues with an overactive mind and too many Hypnotic Relaxationthoughts blocking what you want to concentrate on download this free audio.  You’ll be surprised by how much it frees up your mind and clears the rubbish out.



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