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How Hypnotherapy Can Help With ARFID: How to Deal with Picky or Fussy Eaters

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be a great way to help children with ARFID? ARFID stands for “avoidant restrictive food intake disorder,” and it is characterized by a child’s refusal to eat certain types of foods. In some cases, these children may only want to eat a few types of food and nothing else. …

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Overcoming Food Phobias Through Hypnotherapy—What to Know

Every person has their own nutritional requirements to remain healthy and physically fit. But for people who have Cibophobia, an aversion to food can pose a serious risk to their health. When someone gives in to the phobia, their aversion to food becomes too extreme that they end up depriving themselves of food that the body needs in order to survive. Nutrient deficiency and other illnesses will soon follow.
Food phobias can vary, and they can have very serious effects on the patient suffering from it. Through hypnotherapy and transformative healing, the patient can overcome their anxieties, fears, stress, and depression.
Lachanophobia (fear of vegetables), carnophobia (fear of meat), phagophobia (fear of swallowing) and phobia of salad can all be worked on using hypnosis.

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Explaining Eating-Related Phobias and Food Aversion

A major key to being healthy on a physical level and overall survival is food. However, it goes way beyond that, as our entire days and much of our social life are also framed by this. One of the best, most preferred ways to connect with loved ones involves getting together over a cup of …

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