How hypnosis can help with depression

Dealing With Depression? How Hypnosis Therapy Can Help

The conversation on depression and mental health has thankfully taken off in recent years. And although the fight for mental health awareness is far from over, it’s great that more and more people are focusing on their mental health.

There are many ways to improve your mental health. Of course, you should always seek professional help from certified psychologists and psychiatrists before anything else. Other mental health care activities and practices should only be supplementary.

One way people cope with depression is through hypnosis therapy. It might be a strange concept for some at first, but it has been quite helpful to many. Here’s how hypnosis therapy can help with depression.

relieve depression with hypnosis
Hypnosis therapy can help to relieve depression symptoms

What Is Depression?

Before we get into hypnotherapy and its role in alleviating symptoms of depression, we must first talk about what depression is. Of course, we are not promoting self-diagnosis and are only trying to give more context on the subject matter.

Depression is a very common mental health disorder and can range from mild to severe. When used colloquially, depression can be used to describe a period of immense sadness. But clinical depression is more of an ongoing condition that needs proper treatment.

Depression can affect a person’s ability to function according to society’s definition of normal. It can have many physical and psychological symptoms such as tiredness, poor appetite, irritability, health anxiety, lack of interest and motivation and insomnia

If you frequently experience a lot of these symptoms or feel you might have depression, it’s best to go to a mental health professional to get a proper diagnosis. Do not let depression go untreated, and as much as possible, go to the right channels to get the help you need.

How Does Hypnosis Work?

Many are familiar with the cartoonish representation of hypnosis in the media. But hypnosis isn’t simply a person swinging a pocket watch in front of you asking you to go to sleep.

In actuality, hypnosis guides you into a deep relaxation state. It is also used as a psychological therapy process administered by certified hypnotherapists. This treatment is called hypnotherapy. 

Using verbal cues and repetition, the hypnotherapist will induce the patient into a state of focused attention. During this trance-like state, the therapist will be making guided suggestions that you may be more open to, thanks to the heightened state of focus you are in. 

How Does Hypnotherapy Help With Depression?

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used for many different purposes. And some people seek hypnotherapy to help them deal with their depression.

Hypnotherapy allows people suffering from depression to access their subconscious minds. By reaching deep into the subconscious, patients can address unresolved issues that play a significant role in their depression. It lets patients address these issues and release the negative feelings associated with them.

Additionally, since the trance-like state you’re in during hypnotherapy can be calming, it can really help relax the mind and shoo away negative thoughts. It’s an excellent way to silence repetitive thoughts and restrain compulsive behaviour. Hypnosis can be a tool to correct toxic behavioural patterns and promote a generally healthier mindset.

Being free from depression using hypnosis helps you to think and feel more positively

Hypnosis for Depression Near Me in Leeds

Mental health is a very serious matter that we as a society need to address more. If you’re suffering from depression, it’s essential to seek the necessary channels for help, such as consulting with a mental health professional. In addition to that, you may also wish to seek other avenues, such as hypnotherapy, to help you cope with your condition. Hypnotherapy can help people suffering from depression access their subconscious and address underlying issues concerning their mental health. 

If you’re seeking hypnosis therapy in Leeds to help improve your mental health, you can trust Leeds Hypnotherapist to create a safe environment for you to heal in. We are happy to help you create the life you want to live with our various hypnotherapy programs. Contact us now to tell us how we can help you! If you are interested in having hypnotherapy online take a look at our article about the benefits of online hypnotherapy.




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