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Conquering Your Fear of Flying With Hypnosis

While statistics state that people are more likely to die in a car crash than in a plane crash, hundreds of thousands of individuals continue to suffer from a fear of flying. Car crashes appear in the news with enough frequency to become a common occurrence; however, plane crashes are much rarer and carry much more devastation. Regardless, this phobia of flying on planes has made it difficult for sufferers to travel, whether for work purposes or to visit family.

Luckily, for some people, the rare need to travel by plane makes this fear easy to live with; however, for others, enjoying a calm flight is necessary. Work travel may be essential for career progression or other reasons, so conquering your fear of flying may seem like an impossible task.

How Can I Conquer My Fear of Flying?

conquer fear of flying
The root to your fear of flying lies in your subconscious mind. Hypnotherapy helps by going into your subconscious and tackling the issue head on. Photo by Francesca Zama from Pexels

The anxiety of boarding a plane may seem impossible, but thanks to hypnotherapy for fear of flying, thousands of people have recovered from their phobias. Instead of doling out a hefty sum on land travel, spending more hours than necessary to reach your destination, overcoming your fear can help you save money by taking an aeroplane instead. You’ll no longer have to waste hundreds of pounds by avoiding the airport; instead, you can use it towards other, more critical expenses in your life.

While some websites recommend breathing exercises to deal with a fear of being on an aeroplane, the root of the phobia lies deep in your mind. You believe that flying on a plane to your destination is guaranteed to harm you, and no amount of deep breaths can reverse this. However, hypnotherapy can do all that and more.

How Does Hypnosis Help With My Fear of Flying?

Although most phobias are irrational, it doesn’t stop people from feeling afraid. Even though you’re well aware of the thousands of successful flights that occur every day, you still feel anxious and panicky at the thought of getting on a plane, anyway. After all, you have friends and family who regale you with their unforgettable trips to sparkling islands and exciting destinations—all of which required a plane ticket. As a result, your fear of flying is causing you to miss out on valuable opportunities and experiences you would otherwise enjoy.

Leeds Hypnotherapist helps you to conquer your fear of flying quickly and easily
Hypnotherapy for fear of flying can help you to enjoy holidays abroad

Fortunately, hypnotherapy for fear of flying is an effective way to feel calm and comfortable on an aeroplane. It addresses the root of your anxiety, which is seated deep within your subconscious. While you may not know it, the cause of your phobia may lie in a terrifying plane crash you saw in a film or other similar exposure in the media. You may have also had a traumatic experience associated with planes. Regardless of the cause, your mind has instilled a fear in you to protect you from hazards perceived about flying. As a result, you’re convinced that flying will put you in harm’s way.

Seeing a Hypnotist

Working with a hypnotist can help you understand the way your mind works and the exact cause that led to your phobia of flying. With their unique skills, they can reprogram your mind to eliminate fear and learn the positive truths about flying. In the process, they will remove negative energy floating in your subconscious, helping you feel calmer about air travel. You can even enjoy the spiritual healing that comes with removing your fear of flying!


By seeking hypnotherapy to conquer your fear of flying, you can look forward to enjoying a relaxing flight regardless of its length. Hypnotherapy is a safe and all-natural treatment to end your anxiety by helping you understand yourself and the way your mind works. After a couple of sessions, you’ll have no problem boarding an aeroplane and expanding your horizons!

Paul Ramsden is a specialist in fear of flying in Leeds, helping people undergo life-changing shifts in their consciousness through spiritual healing and energy bodywork. He offers hypnotherapy for fear of flying, anxiety, and others. Contact him today to get started on your healing journey! If you are outside of Leeds or unable to travel you can look at having online hypnotherapy sessions.




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