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Hypnosis for Fear of Flying – The 7 Things You Must Know

Hypnosis for fear of flying can help you if you are trying to avoid flying because of a fear of flying and the thought of being on a flight leaves you feeling anxious, this is for you.

Irrational fears can take over our personal life and stop us from doing fun things like going on holiday. Well, no more as clinical hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your fear of flying. If your family life is being hampered by not being able to go abroad for your holidays, hypnosis can help you with that.

If business trips bring on anticipatory anxiety for you, you can let go and start to enjoy flying. Clinical hypnotherapy is the fastest and most effective treatment to release a flying phobia.

Living With a Fear of Flying

Hypnosis is the most effective technique for overcoming the fear of flying. The power of hypnosis is that it is an effective way to overcome most fears and phobias, and can be used for a wide variety of phobias.

This therapy can be self-help, or it can be administered by a hypnotherapist. Like any other therapy, hypnotherapy requires that the client undergo a routine and consistent set of sessions to help him/her overcome his/her fear of flying.

What Causes a Fear of Flying?

Sometimes, the fear of flying is caused by life-altering events that have happened in the past. For instance, a young person might have a traumatic experience of being left in a car and then has to take a ride to his house.

Hypnotherapy is the best treatment for fear of flying. It allows you to revisit those painful situations in your mind and will help you to feel better. You will be able to see yourself as you were at that time – calm, collected and confident. You will also be able to face the future with more positivity.

The Power of Hypnosis

When we travel, we tend to think about the many downsides of flying. But what if we could bring our thoughts to the floor of the aeroplane and just let go? That’s exactly what Paul Ramsden, a clinical hypnotherapist, is doing with his technique. Paul uses specific techniques that allow his clients to “break” their fear of flying by releasing the original thing that gave them the fear.

For example, people can focus on the idea of being scared in a certain situation rather than being scared in general. This can help them become calmer when faced with that specific fear. Next, they can focus on a specific image or sound that helps them to feel more comfortable. This technique is called “emotional stripping”: instead of focusing on the physical sensations associated with an anxiety-inducing situation, they focus more on other emotional aspects such as sadness or anger.

The more one focuses on their emotional aspects while undergoing hypnotherapy sessions, the more they are able to relax and get over their fears by becoming calmer. In fact, one study found that clients who believed strongly in using hypnosis for fear reduction reported significantly lower levels of anxiety when they completed hypnotherapy sessions compared to those who only believed in self-hypnosis or no hypnosis at all.

By going back to the initial sensitizing event under hypnosis, you are able to work with the younger aspect of yourself in order to let go of the fear of flying. As that younger self is no longer afraid, they are then able to feel happy confident and excited about flying. With that, the flying phobia is gone!

These new and powerful feelings can then be “anchored” to different aspects of the flight from the day of the flight, being in the airport, the engines building up, taking off and the seat belt signs going off and on.

By anchoring these new feelings to all of the timeline events using clinical hypnotherapy it is possible for you to feel better and better as the flight continues.

What can you expect from a fear of flying phobia hypnosis session
A fear of flying hypnosis session strips away the old anxieties and fear leaving you feeling calm and relaxed

What to Expect From a Hypnosis Session

Do you have fear of flying? Do you dread the idea of being stuck on a plane for hours, or do you have some past experience with it? What exactly does it feel like for you? Is there a specific time of day, or particular occasion, when your fear is most intense?

A hypnotherapist can help. They can guide a client through hypnosis to find the root cause of their fear. Once they have found what’s causing their anxiety and fear, they can choose how to deal with it. They may find that they no longer need to fly, or that they need to take some steps to avoid being on a plane.

We will clear your fear of flying and then work through various scenarios to make sure that the old fear can’t come back. We will test issues such as feeling the plane moving to take off and also multiple scenarios of extreme turbulence to make sure that the feeling is completely gone. Your subconscious mind will start to associate air travel with feeling great and even love flying.

If you have an upcoming holiday, we will practise going through your flights and show you that on the return flight you will feel comfortable and relaxed.

What Does Hypnosis Feel Like?

During hypnosis, your conscious mind is in a safe place, where it can do what it wants. It is important to use this stage carefully and with caution. This is the time when the subconscious self can release unpleasant things like past anxieties, traumas and emotional wounds.

This can cause anxiety and distress for nervous people trying to re-experience them on their own without a clinical hypnotherapist helping them. Also, there is always the danger of mishaps, as well as irrational thoughts popping into consciousness that can have you feeling vulnerable and frightened. This is why it is better to receive clinical hypnotherapy from an experienced hypnotherapist that has vast experience in releasing fears and phobias.

The part of you that has control over all of these elements is called the subconscious self. 

When you have hypnosis you can progress through the stages of hypnosis without even comprehending them. This means that you have total power over what is going on inside your unconscious mind during hypnosis.

Can Hypnosis Take Away Fear?

A hypnotherapist named Robin Rosenberg began practising in the 1970s, and she has been in the field for 30 years. Her practice is based on a technique called systematic desensitization, which she learned from the late Milton H. Erickson and which has been used by many professional therapists to help patients overcome their fear of flying. It is a very practical approach used by hundreds of thousands of people to treat various phobias that include being afraid of heights, food phobias, heights, spiders, cold weather and ice skating.

The theory behind therapeutic hypnosis is that our brains are neurologically programmed to experience anxiety and fear very quickly when exposed to an activity or situation thought to be dangerous or frightening. We do not consciously decide whether something is dangerous or not; we just respond automatically to the environment without our conscious awareness. When we are exposed to a feared object (such as a spider), for example, we may actually feel more fear than if we were exposed to something else.

This automatic response can be helpful for people who suffer panic attacks because it helps them learn how to reduce their anxiety without completely overcoming it during therapy sessions.

Hypnosis for fears and phobias Leeds
Hypnosis can help you release many fears and phobias including flying and heights.

For example: If you are afraid of heights and want to get rid of this fear using hypnosis, follow these steps:

1.) Sit quietly in your chair with your feet flat on the ground as if you were standing on the platform above your head;

2.) Make several silent repetitions of breathing exercises (Relax into your breath);

3.) Move slowly toward the edge of your seat until all feeling disappears;

4.) Breathe normally again;

5.) Repeat steps 5-9 until you no longer feel anxious while you are sitting in a quiet place where there is no danger;

Can Hypnosis Work With Fear of Flight?

In the United States, over 12 million people suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis. A number of studies have now shown that hypnosis can be effective for helping people overcome their fear of flying.

For example, one study that involved ten volunteers who had suffered from panic attacks during or after flying found that those who used hypnosis had a 50% drop in their fear-of-flying scores. Also, another study that involved fourteen volunteers who had suffered from panic attacks during a flight found that those who used hypnosis had a reduction in their fear-of-flight scores.

In addition to these findings, hypnotherapy has also been shown to help patients with anxiety disorders to feel better and become less anxious when they fly. Hypnotherapy is a VERY POWERFUL TOOL when it comes to the fear of flying. After receiving your hypnotherapy session you will be able to fly with ease. Flying can even become something that you enjoy doing whether on your own or with your family.

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying Phobia

A recent study from the University of California, San Diego, shows that people suffering from panic disorder who received hypnosis during an actual flight had significantly less anxiety than those who received a placebo. The findings were published in the journal Behavioural Pharmacology.

In order to conduct their research, the university’s researchers administered a hypnotherapy session to over 2000 volunteers with panic disorder. And after the session, participants rated the amount of anxiety they felt before, during and after their flight.

The results showed that for people suffering from panic disorder who were treated with hypnosis prior to their flight, there was no difference in anxiety levels compared to those who received a placebo treatment. This is significant because, in this study, participants actually reported feeling slightly more anxious compared to those receiving no treatment at all.

Another small pilot study was done by an Australian group also found that hypnosis reduced fear of flying among people with post-traumatic stress disorder. Hypnosis was also shown to reduce levels of worry and fatigue among patients with chronic depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Hypnosis is often used as a form of therapy in various mental health settings, including hospitals and schools.

hypnotherapy is the best treatment for fear of flying
Hypnotherapy is the best treatment for fear of flying

What Therapy Is Best For Fear of Flying?

I have been taking people through hypnosis to overcome their fear of flying. Fear of flying is a major anxiety disorder that affects every single one of us. It might be an irrational fear, or it could be a perfectly rational fear that you are terrified of going through the doors of your first commercial flight. I’m here to tell you that hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fear of flying.

Hypnotherapy is the best treatment for this condition! The procedure involves sitting in a comfortable chair and receiving a hypnotic induction from me that induces relaxation, helps reduce anxiety and stress, and creates the state necessary for you to feel relaxed enough to let go of your fears and fly on your first commercial flight. If this sounds like something you want to try out for yourself or someone else, I encourage you to contact me here. This session will help change your life forever!

Find a Hypnotherapist Who Can Help With Fear of Flying

Finding a hypnotherapist that specialises in helping you with the fear of flying couldn’t be easier. We will carry out your initial consultation either online or face to face in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Instead of experiencing anticipatory anxiety and negative thoughts, you will be able to use your own relaxation techniques and trance like state if you wish to.

Hypnosis for Fear Of Flying Near Me in Leeds

Applying hypnotherapy to anxiety issues does not mean that you need to skip out on sleeping every night. This is not a form of therapy for people with cognitive impairment or psychiatric disorders. It is only used as a treatment for panic disorder, which is considered to be a treatable anxiety disorder that requires the patient to learn new ways of living in our world when they are anxious.

People who have taken the time to read this article may be wondering whether hypnotherapy is right for them and whether hypnosis can help them overcome their anxiety by overcoming their fear of flying. The answer to these questions is YES, hypnotherapy can help people overcome their fear

People often have an irrational fear of flying, for a number of reasons. Fear of the unknown and being in the wrong place at the wrong time is one. People also fear that if they do fly on a plane, they may not be able to control their emotions and be seen as weak. Yet these fears are unfounded. There is no evidence that hypnosis can cause an anxiety attack during flight, or cause them in other ways. The only thing that hypnotherapy does is allow people to relax and control their minds enough to go through the experience without any fear or panic.

Hypnotherapists have experience treating people with this kind of anxiety issue and they use hypnotherapy techniques precisely because it works.


The fear of flying is an irrational and all-too-common phobia that a lot of people have, which makes it difficult to convince people to travel. People who have a fear of flying usually have a strong need for control. Their brains are wired to be cautious and resist making risky decisions, and so they will often hesitate before taking flight. This tendency is especially pronounced during times of stress or anxiety.

At the same time, many people who are afraid of flying do not actually experience the fear as intensely as they think they do, which makes hypnosis an incredibly effective tool to help people overcome their fear of flying. Hypnosis is a very effective way to reduce the stress associated with being afraid of flying, but it can also help people overcome other fears such as spiders, heights or heights (such as those around airports).

If you’re interested in learning more about hypnosis for fear of flying in Leeds or online, please contact me here. I would love to speak with you!




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