online services for hypnotherapy are very effective

How is Online Hypnotherapy Different to Face to Face Hypnotherapy?

Online hypnotherapy is not a new concept, but only recently has it become widespread and mainstream.

Online sessions are much more convenient, effective, and affordable than face-to-face sessions. The main reason for the latter is that the former requires an investment of time and money. Zoom sessions are also cheaper to host because they don’t require a large amount of capital investment or equipment. Additionally, they are ideal for busy professionals such as teachers and lawyers who struggle to fit multiple hours into their schedule.

While online hypnosis is very effective for getting you back on track and getting you back in control of your life and your destiny, even if you are struggling with relationship issues or insomnia. Whatever you would like help with you can get exactly the same help with online hypnotherapy work in the comfort of your own home.

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Online Hypnotherapy based in Leeds, UK

What is Hypnosis?

Online hypnotherapy is a process of “hypnosis” that utilises the internet, computers and apps to help clients achieve their personal goals.

Online hypnotherapy sessions are based on powerful theories of the mindset that have been validated in research studies. The evidence shows that the power of hypnosis comes from the mind’s subconscious – and the more we use it, the more powerful it becomes.

In recent years, we have seen just how effective hypnotherapy can be. Hypnotherapy is a powerful way of using the state of hypnosis to unlock the issues that lie in your subconscious mind. Those issues that you can't seem to think or logic your way out of are deep in the subconscious. Traditional talk therapies can take a long time (years in some cases) whereas hypnosis can take just a few sessions.

Does Online Therapy Work?

I have a blog post on this, but I wanted to talk about some of the differences between online hypnotherapy and face-to-face hypnotherapy.

The biggest difference between online and face-to-face hypnosis is that in an online therapy session, you are not physically present with your therapist. So what you are doing is creating and (potentially) improving the relationship you have with your therapist. In an online session, you may provide specific feedback to the therapist, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are actively listening to them or providing them active feedback.

It also means that if you were uncomfortable in an online session because it was too “virtual,” it might not be comfortable in an offline session either, especially if your therapist isn’t there with you.

There is a lot of research out there showing that face-to-face sessions work better than Zoom sessions for people who have depression or anxiety because their brain perceives the physical presence of their therapist as a positive reinforcement for their mental health and wellbeing. However, most people think of face to face as something from a distant past where “I need to go somewhere else” was more common than “I want to be somewhere else right now.” The experience of being in your own home where everyone is around makes it way more comfortable than going someplace else where everyone is around. Except maybe if they are trying to sell something really fast. In other words: Being at home feels good! It’s like having oxygen in your lungs during strenuous exercise when oxygen deprived due to high altitude sickness.

An Online Hypnotherapy session can really help to unlock your core issues

An Online Hypnotherapy session can really help to unlock your core issues

Can Hypnotherapy Be Done Online?

There is a lot of confusion about hypnotherapy and online hypnotherapy. The two are not the same.

The old adage “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is often mis-applied here.

Hypnotherapy requires you to go through a face-to-face session where you connect with your therapist and your therapist is able to see and hear what you are going through (emotional trauma, back pain, etc.).

Online sessions can be done via Skype, Zoom or phone. The difference between Skype sessions and face to face sessions is that Skype sessions require you to have an internet connection which is not necessarily available on a cell phone or in a restaurant or coffee shop.

In some cases, the therapist cannot be seen by the client due to privacy reasons - for example, if the client does not want their face visible when they are receiving hypnosis via Skype. In other cases, the therapist may have their own computer in another room and cannot see what the client sees on their computer screen; this may be because of technical limitations or because of security reasons (for example if an attacker is physically present in the room).

For me personally, there is no difference between Skype sessions and face-to-face sessions with my clients as I always choose to do both online and face-to-face sessions with my clients. For some, it’s just like going to a movie theatre - where in this case, you are the star on the screen. As far as physical benefits, I feel that both methods produce similar physical results. It’s all about personal preference. And if people say that one works better than another then that is just down to personal preference. Just because one method feels better for one person that it will feel better for everyone.

You might be sceptical about having a therapy session online like others before you. Then after they tried it they were able to see for themselves that there are no differences in the effects. I provide online therapy for people around the world who are looking to work on deeper issues.

Online hypnotherapy works the same as in practise does

How Do Online Hypnotherapy Sessions Work?

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis as a tool. This kind of psychotherapy is often used to treat a variety of psychological disorders, including anxiety and depression. It’s especially effective for people who don’t feel like they have the confidence or self-esteem to talk about these issues in person, because it helps them overcome their fear of talking about their problems. Take a look at this page if you are looking for help with public speaking.

Online hypnosis sessions are a combination of online (web-based) and face-to-face sessions. These sessions occur on an ongoing basis and require a minimal time commitment from both the client and therapist. They can be tailored to any emotional topic, but often start with a general introduction about the person, their problem(s), and possible solutions. The therapist then suggests ways to implement these ideas and guide the client through continued and more intensive methods that would help better deal with the problem at hand.

Face-to-face sessions are typically the same length as Skype sessions. They can take place at any time of day or night, but generally involve single people who want support in mental health issues like depression, childhood trauma, anxiety, stress, fear of flying, health anxiety or relationship problems – or anyone who wants help overcoming daily obstacles like anger management, stopping smoking or dealing with life stressors like family problems or chronic illness.

online services for hypnotherapy are very effective

Online services for hypnotherapy are very effective

The Benefits of Online Hypnotherapy

The online hypnotherapy industry has grown at a rapid pace. A lot of people think that hypnotherapy is a physical process. But the truth is that it is both a physical and mental process.

There are two types of online hypnosis sessions:

  1. 1
    Relaxation and stress-relief sessions. In these sessions, there are some things you can do to help yourself mentally and physically. You can use relaxation techniques and visualization to help you relax and feel at ease.
  2. 2
    Online Hypnotherapy Sessions. In these sessions, you will work on deeper topics. For example, in an online hypnosis session, your mind will be put in a deep state of relaxation where you will be asked to imagine certain things or think positive thoughts (for example: releasing the cause of depression or anxiety. Doing work on anger or forgiveness for trauma that you've suffered)
Hypnotherapy online is a safe and convenient alternative

Hypnotherapy online is a safe and convenient alternative

What Are The Benefits of Using Online Hypnotherapy?

The benefits of using online hypnosis sessions include: 

  • Faster results (it takes less time than face-to-face sessions)
  • Better results with less effort
  • Shortened appointments (time spent waiting for an appointment)

What should you expect from your session?

The following information will help you understand what to expect during your session. When you arrive for your session, you will be asked to give some basic details about yourself such as your name, age, etc in addition to being asked questions about what kind of problem/problems you have. They want to know if there is any kind of problem on the inside, like depression or anxiety. You will also be asked about the severity of your problems.

If there isn’t enough information about yourself available then they will ask you for more information themselves. The type of treatment offered depends upon what information you give them based on your needs. Every person’s situation may come with different demands which makes it difficult for all people to respond equally well even though they might have similar problems at hand. This is why many who seek treatment through online hypnosis prefer it over another method such as medication because they feel more relaxed while receiving treatment through online hypnosis due to its natural effects resulting from its relaxing effect on the mind which helps alleviate pain associated with stress and anxiety.

After the session is over, you can write notes into a journal and write down your thoughts and feelings. This helps keep track of the progress of your session. It also provides you with some feedback in the form of being aware of the changes that have taken place while thinking back to your session.

Online Hypnotherapy has many, many benefits

Online Hypnotherapy has many, many benefits

The Benefits of Face-to-Face Hypnotherapy

Online hypnotherapy is a form of hypnotherapy delivered through the internet into a client’s computer, tablet or smartphone. It has become popular in recent years because it is easier to administer than face-to-face sessions and does not rely on a traditional therapist.

The benefits of online sessions are similar to those of face-to-face sessions with the exception that clients do not need to be physically present at the session, which reduces stress levels. Clients can start Skype sessions either alone in their own home or with their family members and friends.

You can read more here about the benefits of online hypnosis sessions

The Disadvantages of In-Person Sessions

The reality is that online hypnosis sessions are far superior to face-to-face sessions. So why aren’t in-person sessions more popular?

The answer is that face-to-face sessions provide a much more comfortable environment for some.

One of the biggest issues with in-person is the time and extra cost factors. You not only have to schedule in time for the session. You also have to factor in the time it takes to travel to and from there. Also, you need to look at the extra costs involved. Do you need to get a bus or taxi? Do you need to pay for parking and fuel etc?

Disadvantages of hypnotherapy in-person

There are some disadvantages of hypnotherapy in-person compared to Skype

Is Online Hypnotherapy Better Than Face to Face Sessions?

I am a clinical hypnotherapist based in the UK with a hypnotherapy practice in Leeds, West Yorkshire, who happens to use hypnotherapy online and face-to-face sessions. I have been hearing from some people over the past few weeks and months that they are not convinced that hypnotherapy is superior or better than face-to-face sessions. In fact, some people are very adamant that they prefer face-to-face sessions because they feel more comfortable interacting with a professional therapist.

I think it’s a very good point, and one I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about.

In fact, I have written an entire article about online hypnotherapy but for this post, those who would like to read my thoughts on the subject can do so here.

In truth, there is zero difference in effectiveness (which is the most important factor). As humans, we tend to cling to what was and what has always been. The notion that something has to be and look a certain way sticks with us. This isn't necessary and in fact, it could be holding you back. Online is the future as it benefits both the therapist and the client.

Unless of course, you have a home where it is too disruptive or it isn't safe to talk about the issue you are looking for help with. In cases where clients are looking for help in gaining confidence to get out of domestic abuse situations, it is recommended to come to The Leeds Hypnotherapy office in Leeds Centre to give you that breathing space.

Some people need to come to the hypnotherapy practice in Leeds

Some people need to come to the hypnotherapy practice in Leeds

The Convenience of Having Hypnotherapy Online

The convenience of online hypnotherapy has been well-documented, mostly due to the fact that there is no travel involved. You can be in a meeting in one city and have a session online in another city in as little as 10 minutes. Patients can select from multiple cities near them and sessions are tailored to meet their specific needs.

There are several advantages of online hypnotherapy over face to face sessions:

  1. 1
    Patient convenience: Patients can be anywhere with their laptop or mobile phone from their own home to anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. 2
    Patient privacy: Your therapist will not know where you are physically located unless they consent to it. They will not know your physical address or who you work for unless you consent to it.
  3. 3
    Improved patient compliance: As you can simply log on, download, and start the session as soon as they arrive at your office, they will feel more comfortable about what they’re doing more often than if you were physically present with them in person.
  4. 4
    Improved patient focus: They don’t have to wear on their mind what they are doing while waiting for their session with you. If something distracts them from the task at hand, it won’t take long before they figure out what distracted them and return back to it once again – which improves the consistency of their performance and behaviour throughout the entire session. (This is especially true for very busy patients.)
  5. 5
    Increased focus on results: In addition to being more convenient than face-to-face sessions, there is also the added benefit of improved focus during an online session which makes it easier for patients not only to complete their tasks but also focus on results rather than how long it took or how uncomfortable they were during the process or any other factors that could affect whether or not they get better results with a particular therapist's treatment plan. (This is also true for very busy patients.)
Online hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goals

Online hypnotherapy can help you to achieve your goals


Online hypnosis sessions are far more cost-effective than face-to-face sessions, which requires a lot of time and effort to set up, take down, and then re-set, with the costs being distributed over a number of days. Face-to-face sessions are also convenient for certain individuals.

The primary benefit of online hypnotherapy is that it allows an individual to work from anywhere as long as they have Internet connectivity. A person can also be at home or even better, can be in another country without the Internet adapter! It is truly the one place where the individual has complete control over their session.

The second advantage is that there are no travel expenses involved in online sessions; all travel expenses are handled by the person receiving treatment. The only extra costs incurred during online sessions are those related to both time and energy as well as setting up and taking down the website.

The third advantage is that you will be able to work with many people effectively rather than working with one person alone since you are working with many people simultaneously via communication platforms like Skype or FaceTime.

Finally, in office sessions run by professional hypnotherapists usually cost to have someone coming in to see them. That saving can then be passed on to their clients i.e. you!

You can find the price for hypnotherapy sessions here

Booking With an Online Hypnotherapist

Booking an initial online consultation with The Leeds Hypnotherapist is easy to do no matter where you are in the world. You can simply contact me using the contact page at the top of the page or you can call me on 0113 460 1204. If you are outside the UK, please tell me which time zone you are in so that I can give you times that are suitable for both of us.

Your initial consultation will take place on Google Meet unless you wish that we use a different platform.

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