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Is It OK for Men To Feel Emotions and Admit That They’re Feeling Down or Depressed?

"Men should be strong and never show weakness"

What a load of bullshit that sentence is.  It's crap like that that is leaving people feeling depressed and killing themselves. It's long overdue that we start putting that garbage to bed and start getting real about how the modern world really is.

The world is a different place now.  It's time we stopped living in the dark ages.  Real men feel things.  They aren't afraid to admit that they are struggling when they're down or depressed.  They don't try to hide it away from everyone because they're afraid what their mates will say to them.

If your mates are that shit, you need to get yourself some better mates!

man feeling depressed

Working With a Guy That Was Getting Depressed

So this all came about as I've been working with a guy that had been getting depressed.  He had a great life on paper but still there was something going on inside of him that was bringing him down.

His dad died when he was still quite young.  One of the last things that his dad said to him was...

"You've got to be strong now!"

Our subconscious minds can be great at so many things.  Sometimes it misses the boat and gets things a bit wrong.  It doesn't know how to rationalise or make judgements on things.  So sometimes, things go in there that aren't as straight forward as they seem.

Inadvertently, you can hold a belief inside of you for many years that is causing you harm.  You aren't aware of it because it's one of those deep subconscious beliefs.  The kind that are so deep you don't even know you're reacting to it.

Deep Rooted Beliefs Are Controlling Your Life Without You Even Realising It!

When you think about your beliefs, you're only able to pull out a small number of them.  There are far more beliefs that are deep inside of you that you will never find.  It's like digging for buried treasure.  Not only do you not know which island it's buried on.  You don't even have a map to guide you.

Men Depressed Treasure Map Leeds West Yorkshire

You can change beliefs and create new ones.  You can do it really well if you know what you're doing and you stay committed to seeing it through.

Once you start the journey, you can really start to shift your life in a much more positive direction.

After the Hypnotherapy Session

So during the hypnotherapy session that we did, I help him to clear out the reasons why he was feeling depressed.  I also then helped him to open his energy field and REALLY start to feel things.  

When I do this for people, they feel amazing afterwards.  I can't describe it to you in a way that you would be able to know how it feels.  Some things need to be experienced.

It's a bit like being able to balance when you ride a bike.  You can't read a blog post or a book and know how to balance.  You have to get on a bike and let your body learn how to do it.  You have to experience it to know how to balance.

Here's the video I made after the session with the guy that was feeling depressed.

Do You Feel Depressed?

If you are feeling depressed I want you to know that there is help out there for you.  There are people that you can talk to and there is professional help too.

For some people, being able to talk is enough.  For others they need more than that.  They've got something eating away inside of them deep down.

If that sounds like you, give me a call.  Don't leave it until it's too late.

I know what it's like to be depressed and to feel like you're ready to end it all.  I've been there.  Got the badge and worn the t-shirt.  I've also had friends commit suicide because they were depressed.

I don't want you to become another statistic.  I want you to be free from your inner demons and live the best life that you can live.  Don't leave it another day to get in touch.  Do it right now!




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