Hypnosis for overeating

What to Know When It Comes to Hypnosis for Overeating

Hypnosis for overeating can really help you if you are struggling with portion control. Not only will we look at using suggestion work to assist you in eating less, but we will also look at the deeper reasons as to why you are overeating.

Dealing with overeating can be rather devastating. There’s much more to it than guilt or nausea after having another scoop of ice cream. Heavy circumstances can come as a result of overeating, including serious health conditions and little to no self-worth.

Many people who go through overeating can look into ways to get out of it. These avenues can look like skipping meals as a whole, if not diets that are extremely strict. However, the correct way to go about getting overeating to stop is by addressing the underlying reasons in the psychological sense. A great tool for this is hypnosis for weight loss.

What is Overeating?

In the scientific sense, when calorie intake exceeds what the body needs, that could be overeating. Binge eating, which is essentially eating huge amounts of food in one go, also falls under this category. Emotionally, it is often coupled with feeling a loss of control as well as hopelessness.

The causes of overeating vary per person. However, there are several typical reasons for it to occur.

  • Alcohol consumption – When a person is inebriated, keeping track of the hunger and fullness signals of the body can get difficult. The more drinking of alcohol that happens, the more food is typically consumed by a person.
  • Incorrect meal portions – Even a diet that’s chock-full of healthy food can lead to overeating. When there are portions that are too large, it can mean excess calories. 
  • Learned behaviour – A person’s environment can certainly influence how they go about life. If someone is surrounded by people who overindulge, that person can end up with that tendency as well. Unlearning this can absolutely be addressed by hypnosis for overeating in Leeds.
  • Eating the wrong things – Eating junk food every day is going to cause you to gain weight and feel more hungry than you really are. This is because your body is being starved of nutrition which leads to overeating of calories in an attempt to get the nutrients that your body needs. Being able to eat a varied diet including fruit and vegetables is essential.
  • Numbing emotions – There are a lot of heavy emotions that people may not want to address or acknowledge head on. This includes disappointment, jealousy, insecruity, low self-esteem or stress. The common term used for this particular manner of overeating is “emotional eating.” It becomes a coping mechanism that also relieves stress.
  • Restrictive diets – It should be noted that weight loss is attainable through these, but the results often are short-lived. 80% of participants in a study that went on a restrictive diet actually gained the weight back. That said, given how severely restrictive these diets are, they can actually trigger overeating down the line.
Hypnotherapy to stop eating the wrong things
Hypnotherapy can help you to stop eating the wrong things and eating too much

Danger of Overeating

Overeating is unsafe on several levels. This involves weight gain, which isn’t bad by itself. However, in excess, it can bring many medical issues. Some of the grave health conditions can be:

  • Coronary heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased risk of certain cancers
  • Lowered immunity
  • Stroke
  • Type 2 diabetes

The circadian rhythm (internal body clock) can also be disrupted by regular overeating. This can lead to poor sleep quality and feeling worn out during the day. Hypnosis for overeating can help to address these issues before they become a concern for you.

How Hypnosis for Overeating Can Help You

Overeating happens when there are more calories consumed than the body actually needs. There are many reasons for overeating, such as learned behaviour, the need for numbing emotions and restrictive diets. The best way to stop overeating is to address psychological issues through hypnosis for overeating.

Are you looking to get hypnotherapy for weight loss in Leeds? I’m Paul Ramsden, the Leeds Hypnotherapist. We can work together to help you make any changes to your life.




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