how do i get over betrayal

The Gift Of Betrayal

how Do I get past betrayal image 1Being betrayed is something that most people will tell you that they don’t want to experience or commit.  So why do we find ourselves in situations that we are going to be betrayed?  And if we’re truly honest with ourselves why do we also betray others?

The idea that you are creating these situations without being consciously aware that you are doing it are an alien concept to many.  It doesn’t make sense logically.  We wouldn’t choose it logically.  Yet deep down we are not as logical as we like to believe that we are.  Our subconscious mind is very much illogical but it is the part of our mind that drives 90% or more of our behaviours.

Every action that you take from day to day that you think you are making a decision about you aren’t.  It’s just your ego that is telling you that you are making all of these decisions so that it can look like it is in charge.  Our ego suffers greatly from little man syndrome and likes to think it is running the show.  It doesn’t even come close to it.

Why We Find People To Betray Us On Purpose

The answer to this is that there is something going on that is more powerful than our logical conscious mind.  Something with far greater power.  We are finding these people that will betray us and along with them we also find an opportunity to betray someone as well.

Now you’re probably reading that thinking something like,

But I’m a good person and I would never do anything to betray anyone!!”

how do i get over betrayal

Well here’s your news flash.  You do it as well.  You justify why you’ve done it in a way, that to you, it can’t be called betrayal but in reality you’ve done it more than once.  It’s just your little ego that’s getting butthurt right now about it.  Let it go.

So why do we put ourselves into these situations where we are going to be betrayed?

It’s all about learning and growing.  Learning how to deal with these experiences in a positive way that means you aren’t going to let the hurt drag on throughout your life and that you aren’t going to do anything that is going to take you to a lower level than you currently are spiritually.  If you feel like you’ve been betrayed recently, look at what lessons you need to learn from this experience.

By the lessons you need to learn I don’t mean ego based lessons by the way.  None of that victim crap.  None of that child self of throwing your teddies out of the pram.  I’m talking real adult lessons here.

It’s really easy to go into the victim or child modes here but that’s not what is going to get you through it and prevent it from happening again.  If you don’t learn the adult lessons here then I can assure you that it will keep happening over and over and over and over again.  Yet the majority of people seem to think that they can get through it properly by reverting to the child or victim self.  It ain’t going to cut it and that’s why you keep going through the same loop again and again.  Aren’t you tired of that now?  Aren’t you ready to move on to something different yet?  Or would you like to keep repeating the same old crap because it’s familiar and you know how to behave like an angry or upset little child?

It’s time for you to start doing something different!

It’s time for you to take a good look inside of yourself and see what you need to work on.  If you approach this experience the right way, it will allow you to grow exponentially in ways that you have never imagined.  Trust me.  I’ve been through it myself.  I’ve been in a situation that if I’m honest with myself I knew subconsciously that I was going to be betrayed yet my little ego tried to tell me that I would be fine and to ignore what my intuition was trying to say.  So when the time was right the betrayal happened and I responded in the typical way by betraying back.  Well done me eh?

Now I justified to myself the reasons why I responded like that.  “If they hadn’t done x then I wouldn’t have done y” but that’s not learning the lesson like an adult.  That’s the child coming through telling you that what happened wasn’t justified and then the victim saying “Why me?”

You’ve got to move beyond that level of thinking if you want to get out of the cycle.  It isn’t going to help you.  You’ve got to let go of all of that hurt and anger and learn to forgive people.  Forgiveness isn’t for them, it’s for you.  There’s a famous quote about holding on to anger that I heard from Wayne Dyer.

Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

how to get past betrayal image 2You’re not going to do a single thing to them by being angry towards them or by storing up hurt in their name.  You won’t make a single bit of an impact on their life at all.  While you are stewing inside and hurting yourself, they are probably not even thinking about you and getting on with their life.  That’s the bitter truth that you need to swallow.  You are only hurting yourself and those close to you.  The people that you spend your time with are getting to be around all of that energy you are giving off.  The more angry you are, the more negativity you bring to those you spend your time with.  The person who betrayed you is no doubt long gone by now and moved on.  It’s time for you to do the same and let them and all of those feelings go.

If you need help letting go of all of those emotions and I can help you.  By using a mix of hypnotherapy and energy clearing I can help you to remove the emotions so that you can reach a point where they are no longer of interest to you.  If you are ready to step out of that old cycle and start your journey onto that new path then contact me so we can arrange to have a chat.




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