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Hypnotherapy for Dartitis

Having recently helped a semi-pro darts player with hypnotherapy for dartitis I thought it would be a great idea to let you know more about it.  This is something that could affect any darts player in the Leeds or West Yorkshire area.  The player that I helped will remain anonymous for confidentiality reasons and from hereon-in I shall refer to him as Leeds Darts Player.

Leeds darts player came to see me because he was having issues with dartitis.  He was having issues with being able to release the dart at the right time.  For some reason, his darts game had diminished as he was unable to release the dart as easily as he was able to previously due to this dartitis attack. He was desperately looking for a dartitis cure to help him to get to the next level and be able to enjoy playing darts once again.

hypnotherapy for dartitis

What is Dartitis?

Dartitis is a psychological condition where the darts player isn't able to release the dart which can result in missing their shot.  

 It is described by the Collins English Dictionary as "(in darts) nervous twitching or tension that destroys concentration and spoils performance".

Leeds Darts Player was having this very same issue.  Each time that he stepped up to the hockey, his hand was holding onto the dart fro slightly longer than it would normally.  Leeds Darts {layer is looking to become fully professional and so his dartitis need fixing.

Famous Darts Players That Have Had Dartitis.

One of the most famous darts players to have dartitis in Eric Bristow.  He had hypnotherapy for dartitis and regained his number one in the world title. If you look up Eric Bristow dartitis, you will be able to find more details about how he used hypnosis to overcome dartitis.

Mark Webster also had dartitis according to Wikipedia.

In the video below, you can see Berry Van Peer struggling with dartitis.  Take a look and see how he is physically and mentally struggling due to the dartitis symptoms.

How I Used Hypnotherapy for Dartitis

One of the first things that I did to help Leeds Darts Player with his dartitis is to help his subconscious mind to relax.  I gave him a routine to follow so that every time he went to play darts, he could relax his body and mind.

This then gave him his own power back to be in control of how his body and mind work.  From that first session, he was able to play much easier again.  He was back to his old self.

Then we looked at why he developed dartitis in the first place.  We resolved the issue in his subconscious mind.  We also worked on what he can do to make sure that he protects himself from it happening in the future.

This was enough for Leeds Darts Player to be free from dartitis.  He is back to being happy about playing and is doing fantastically.

Do You Have Dartitis?

If you have dartitis, we should have a quick chat about how I can help you.  You don't need to have your darts game affected by dartitis.  If you are struggling, get in touch and let's work out a positive solution for you.




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