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How To Reduce Anxiety in JUST 60 Seconds

Knowing how to reduce anxiety whenever you need to really puts you back in control.  You are the one that is in control and not your anxiety.  Yet knowing this, do you know how to reduce anxiety quickly and easily?

To look at how to reduce anxiety, first we have to look at what happens when anxiety kicks in.  That gives you the ability to reverse engineer the anxiety and really take control of it.

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How To Reduce Anxiety Through Reverse Engineering

So let's take a look at what happens when you start to get an issue with anxiety.  In order for you to learn how to reduce anxiety, you have to look much further back than the point where you start to notice that anxiety has taken over.  You have to look back to what happens in the background, possibly before you have even started to notice that it is happening.

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Knowing what is happening beforehand might not be something that you are aware of at the moment but trust me. , I have worked with so many people on beating anxiety with hypnotherapy.  I know a lot about how it starts and also about how to make it stop.  The vast experience that I have has taught me how to reduce anxiety and also how to put you in control and make you feel in control.

Thoughts and Anxiety.  How They Go Together.

Anxiety always starts with a thought in your mind.  Whether you are aware of the thought that started it or not that thought is always the start of any anxiety issues.

It starts as just one thought.  What happens then is a chemical reaction happens inside of your body and adrenaline is released into your blood stream.

What happens then?

The adrenaline starts to make your heart beat faster.  You can start sweating or feel clammy and more thoughts start to come into your head at a faster rate.  This then increases the amount of adrenaline that is being sent into your blood stream.  This then accelerates the rate that your heart beats and the rate your mind is running at.  Your fight/flight/freeze response is engaged and you are locked in to the response that your body and mind are trained to do.  

Why Anxiety Is An Issue For You.

Your issue at the moment is that your mind and body have a program running that isn't serving you.  This should be your body's method of how to reduce anxiety.  Instead, it is causing anxiety.  When we work together I break that pattern of behaviour and give you a new pattern instead.  This new pattern helps you to react in a more positive way to stresses and stressful situations.

This method that I am teaching you is going to help you to reduce your stresses .  Over time you will eventually break that old pattern but it  won't be anywhere near as fast as having hypnotherapy for anxiety sessions.

This process that I am teaching you with practise will anchor your new behaviour into your subconscious mind.

How To Reduce Anxiety by Anchoring

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You can learn how to reduce anxiety by practising a set of actions to take you from an anxious state to a calm state.  By repeating this pattern over and over again you are 'anchoring' a response that will help you to lower the adrenaline running through your bloodstream and then be able to deal with what is happening in an appropriate way.

You are effectively training your brain to instantly dive into a set pattern of behaviour.  This is a popular method in how to reduce anxiety.  This is why soldiers are put into stressful situations during basic training.  It is getting their body and their mind to learn how to deal with stress so that in a combat situation they are able to think clearly and get the job done that they are assigned to do.

You will learn how to reduce anxiety by anchoring a practise during a calm time and then the repetition of this will teach your mind how to reduce anxiety on the fly.

Imagine for a moment how it will feel for you when you can quickly and easily control the level of stress or anxiety that you feel.

What Makes You Feel Anxious?

At the moment, you have certain triggers that bring on anxiety for you.  It can be being around certain people.  

  • Going on public transport
  • Public speaking
  • Your job might be quite stressful and leave you feeling anxious
  • Life at home
  • Relationships

For many clients, their past method of how to reduce anxiety is to avoid certain things.  Are you avoiding things in order to feel less anxious?

Avoiding these things really isn't how to reduce anxiety.  All that does is compound the issue in your mind.  You are telling your subconscious mind that you are so afraid of these situations that you want to avoid them. The more that you avoid them, the deeper that effect goes.  The more hardwired the programming is of that flight behaviour.

Instead of running away from these situations, you need to change the way that you feel when you are in them.

Desensitising Anxious Situations

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Now let me be clear about something here.  You aren't looking to take yourself straight into a situation that overloads you with anxiety that you can't cope with.  What you are looking to do is to introduce things step by step and change the way that you feel about them.

The method of how to reduce anxiety that I am going to teach you will help you to do just that.

The best way for you to do this to start off with is to find a base point for feeling calm.  You need to know how your body feels when you are relaxed.  The best way to do this is to just relax somewhere for a moment.  Pick a comfy chair or even laid on your bed.  Tune into how your body feels when you are relaxed.  

This point is now your 'zero point'.

Then I want you to think about how a 10 would feel for you.  This will be the most anxious you have ever felt.

This is your '10 point'.

Measuring Your Anxiety Scale

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Here is where you are going to have some fun and really play about with this.  You are going to spend some time each day checking where you are on the anxiety scale.  At certain times of the day or in certain situations, I want you to check in with how your body feels.

I want you to give that feeling a number.  Just trust the first number that pops into your head.  If you change the number then that new number is wrong.  Go with the first one.

After doing this for a few days, you will know be so much more in tune with how your body feels.  This alone is helping you to take your own power back.

In order to know how to reduce anxiety, you have to know how your body feels at different points on the scale.

Having a Sense of Play About This Anxiety Exercise

I want you to enter this with a sense of play.  The more serious about it you are, the less you will enjoy it.  The less you enjoy it, the more you are compounding that anxiety feeling.

The more fun you have, the easier it will be to learn how to reduce anxiety easily.

I want you to think about one area of your life where anxiety comes up in a situation.  One area that when you change it will have an effect on your day to day life.

Then I want you to write down the stages that you go through in going from a zero through to the highest number that you feel from it.

This is absolutely essential for you to do.  You are making a checklist that you can tick off as you go through.  Just one stage at a time.

One Step At a Time

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So let's say for instance that you issue is not being able to go on public transport.  What is the first stage for you?

Let's say that it's getting to your front door and having to think about going on the bus.

You walk to your door and stop yourself when you feel yourself reaching a 2.  Then you use the method that I'm going to teach you and bring yourself back down to zero.  You repeat this until you have walked out of the door and you are now a zero.

That is the first part of your checklist ticked off.  Well done!

You repeat this all of the way to the bus stop so that by the time you reach the bus stop, you are feeling a zero.

At this point you might want to take that small victory and then head back home.  If you do then that's fine.  you've already achieved a lot.  You repeat this the next day and take yourself back there again.  Over time you won't even need to practise this method as everything will have changed for you.

When you are ready, you then take the bus and use the method of how to reduce anxiety to get you to your stop.

You keep building up like this in stages.  Changing how you feel about the whole journey one step at a time.  Eventually you will have the whole journey ticked off of your list and you will feel fine about the journey.

How To Reduce Anxiety - The Method

You can either watch the video on how to reduce anxiety or you can read through this guide.  They have the same content and both of them will show you how to reduce anxiety by yourself. 

Here is the method:

  1. The first thing that you need to do is take control of your breathing.  When anxiety kicks in your breathing is the last thing to change and gets shorter and faster.  Your breath is also the easiest thing to change.  So you need to practise breathing slowly and deeply.  If you are struggling with this, breathe through your nose.  It's much harder to breathe in and out quickly through your nose.
  2. The second step is to tune into your body.  You need to become aware of how you are feeling inside.  Focusing on a feeling starts to reduce the effect of the feeling.  Give yourself a number on the anxiety scale.
  3. Then I want you to use your breath to send those feelings down your body, down your legs and out through the soles of your feet.
  4. Now imagine your energy spreading out through the soles of your feet and connecting with the earth's core.  Allow Your energy to connect with that energy.
  5. Now pull that energy up through the earth into your body and connect this energy with your heart.  Allow this energy to pump from your heart around your body sending any anxious energy down into the earth.

Advanced Tip!!

To really boost this technique, once you have settled yourself down you can ask yourself this question.

What is this anxiety trying to show me?

The anxiety that you are experiencing is because there's something in your life that you aren't looking at right now.  What do you need to look at in your life to stop this feeling from coming back?

Dealing with that will help you to massively take your power back and lower your anxiety.

So that's my guide on how to reduce anxiety.  If you want to talk more about how I can help you to remove anxiety from all areas of your life quickly and easily call me on 0113 460 1204.




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