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Anxiety Testimonial – Leeds Hypnotherapist June 2019

Anxiety testimonials really drive me on to help others at The Leeds Hypnotherapist.  I love to see people that have been struggling with life due to anxiety come out of the other side and no longer be suffering.  Today I have for you an anxiety testimonial from Chloe who finished her sessions a month ago and is still going on from strength to strength.  She is now free from the clutches of anxiety and is using everything that she learned during the anxiety hypnotherapy sessions to continue to improve her life.

For many people giving an anxiety testimonial on video can seem quite daunting.  I get that from doing my own videos and seeing myself on the screen.  It takes time to get used to that and then even more time to be comfortable with it.  This is why you won't often see an anxiety testimonial as often as I'd like to show them to you.

Nevertheless, Chloe has really come through with this anxiety testimonial and pushed through that initial feeling so that you can see what it is like to go through the sessions and also to show you how much your life can change when you commit to anxiety hypnotherapy sessions.  Here is her anxiety testimonial below.

Are You Having Issues with Anxiety?

Anxiety can be really debilitating when it takes over your life.  You go from day to day wondering how it's going to affect you next.  you start worrying about worrying basically which then puts you into a negative loop that can seem impossible to break.

Listening to Chloe's anxiety testimonial, you can hear the ways that anxiety affected her day to day.

  • Continuous build up of stress at uni that was making it so hard to study that she was told by a doctor that she should leave
  • Struggling to be on public transport to get to work.  She started missing work due to not feeling able to get on the bus sometimes
  • Struggling at work because her mind was being overloaded with anxiety. She felt like she was unable to function properly and worried about being able to do her job properly.

Anxiety Testimonial After Effects

Imagine how different Chloe's life would have been different if she had listened to that doctor and just quit university.  Really think about how different her life would have been then.

She would have had to give up on her dream of being a teacher and being able to help so many children.  What impact would that have then had on those children she could have helped in the future?

This is why it's really important for me to be able to help people to break through anxiety and get the help that they need.  The effect isn't just on the person that I'm working with but it's on the people that they are currently in contact with and the people that they will come into contact with in the future.  If a child in her class is having issues with anxiety, how much better equipped will she be now to help that child?

From that, what will that child then be able to go on to do that they wouldn't have been able to otherwise?

Anxiety Testimonial - Make Your Own

I want you to make your own anxiety testimonial.  How much better will you feel when the anxiety has gone away and your'e able to do the things that you felt like you were being held back by?

If you are looking to gain the skills to be able to beat anxiety and really start to turn your life around then I want to hear from you.  Because when you decide to go ahead and book your sessions with me at The Leeds Hypnotherapist, you are on a pathway that you didn't believe was possible.  One day, you too will be sat in that chair talking about how these hypnotherapy sessions have helped YOU to BEAT ANXIETY and how much better your life has become because of it.

You can do this.  I will help you along the way.  Get in touch and get booked in for your anxiety hypnosis sessions and let's see how many people's lives you can touch as a result.  




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