What to know about hypnotherapy

3 Hypnotherapy Facts You Must Know Before Your Next Session

Achieving or sparking change in our lives is something that is often easier said than done. Whether it’s a desire to stop a bad habit like smoking or a need to start practising better habits like punctuality and truthfulness, the path of achieving meaningful change to improve your life is no small feat. As you grow older and begin to get accustomed to your daily routine and everything that constantly happens in your life, seeing progress will be a rather difficult process because of how set you can be in your approach. 

When you first take a step in the right direction and act on your desire to change something in your life, you’ll eventually come across the opportunity to spark progress through the help of hypnotherapy! 

Hypnotherapy Facts Explained

In recent years, the field of hypnotherapy has made significant leaps and bounds in the scope of effective treatments because of its proven methods and progress that it acted as a catalyst for. This method has become widely used in productive psychological reformation, from dealing with bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and remedying the effects of addiction to adapting to productive practices. 

However, there’s more to learn about hypnotherapy that you might not know about. Before you sign up for your first session with an expert like Leeds Hypnotherapist, here are some hypnotherapy facts that will allow you to grasp the effectiveness and overall value of the process: 

1. There are different professionals that are licensed and registered to administer hypnotherapy

Thanks to the overall flexibility of the requirements for practising hypnotherapy, there is a wide range of eligible professionals that you can seek it from!

In America, professionals who are eligible to practice hypnotherapy are doctors, dentists, and psychologists. In the UK there are professionals who qualify as hypnotherapists through proper training. Regardless of the background that you choose, it’s important to ensure that your chosen professional is a member of a professional body and has testimonials or evidence of good results. 

2. Hypnotherapy has been around for much longer than people expect

Although most of the uninitiated believe that hypnotherapy is a “fad” treatment that has only come to light recently, the reality is that it’s a treatment method that has been around for centuries.

While it wasn’t recognised as hypnotherapy up until 1955, after Doctor James Braid officially named it as such, it has actually been in practice for hundreds of years. Under the name of mesmerism, psychological professionals and medical practitioners practised this method and experimented with it to configure the human psyche for effective changes! 

3. Undergoing hypnotherapy is completely different from what modern media portrays it

Hypnotherapy isn't about swinging watches
The media portrays images such as swinging watches when they talk about hypnotherapy facts but it simply isn’t true

When you think about the term “hypnotherapy,” you’d most likely have the idea of a hypnosis watch being swung around with some chanting in the background until you become unconscious. But this is far from the truth.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy isn’t a treatment that causes you to lose control but instead results in you being subject to various methods that will put you in a relaxed state. Unlike falling asleep, the level of calmness that you experience with this treatment still allows you to be fully aware and hear every word that the hypnotist says so that you end up in a “reformative” state! 


Separating hypnotherapy facts from hypnotherapy fiction is important. As you dive right into the experience of undergoing hypnotherapy and prepare yourself for the first session, it’s important to head into the whole process with the right information in mind. Once you get familiar with the hypnotherapy facts mentioned above, you’ll be able to appreciate your incoming session much better!

Getting a hypnotherapy session to help keep your mental health in check no longer requires inconvenient experiences, which is where our Skype hypnotherapy and other online hypnotherapy services come in. If you’re looking for treatment from a specialist in Leeds who can help you gradually get over any problem along the way, get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help! 




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