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A Few Powerful Ways You Can Fight Off Your Depression

Depression is, in many ways, a silent yet intensive monster. It’s also an invisible illness that can strike at any time with no regard for the age, gender, race, or other markets of the person. While an effort can be made to spend time with friends and go for a walk, the thought alone in these moments is likely more draining than helpful. A good route to try and start overcoming depression involves having just a few small goals. That’s the best starting point towards slowly but surely making it through.

What are a few powerful ways to fight off depression?

  • Get Some Sunshine
Free ways to beat depression
Spending more time outdoors is a great and free way to help alleviate depression.

This may seem like a given, but it’s worth noting anyway. Sunshine, or daylight in general, has an antidepressant effect which is quite helpful. Of course, not all days are sunny. That works just as well, truly. If the sky is overcast, even a bit of light can make a world of difference. 

  • Look Into Mindfulness

Staying in the present is a great rule of thumb in general. However, it’s particularly vital when someone is going through depression. Mindfulness is an excellent, robust way of dealing with depression and even the anxiety that often comes with it. Detaching from the mind’s natural tendency to categorize things as neutral, good, or bad will take some work. However, it is entirely possible, and can be helped along by things like hypnotherapy for anxiety. A large part of mindfulness involves focusing on breathing—and in the process, slowly letting go of judgment in favor of mere observance. 

  • Make The Most Of Movement

As previously mentioned, exercise is one of the last things on the mind of anyone battling depression. However, getting some kind of workout in is actually entirely helpful, and there’s science to prove it. Endorphins are released whenever exercise is involved. The lucky thing is that there are many forms of working out or exercising out there. The key is choosing the one which is most enjoyable at the time. Riding a bike, going swimming, or even just taking a walk can all make a difference. A leisurely stroll is always nice, but if there’s enough energy to walk a little quicker, that can definitely be helpful as well. It doesn’t have to be all in one go, of course. Slow and steady is a great key. 

  • Practice journaling
Journaling to help with depression
Journaling can be a useful tool to help with depression when done in the right way.

Writing can be a very helpful and therapeutic way of navigating heavy emotions. If you ever kept a diary as a child, then you’re already familiar with that. Take note of both of the negative things and the positive things that go on day to day. You can then track what could have triggered your depression, what makes you feel really good, and even things that can keep you busy from the depression. That way, you have a possible reference as to what you can do for the avoidance of depression.


Depression is incredibly intense, and it’s much like a monster. The illness is invisible and it can strike at any time. There are a few powerful ways to fend it off: practice journaling, look into mindfulness and methods such as online hypnosis and get some sunshine.
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