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Finding a Hypnotherapist_ 4 Questions to Ask

Medical hypnotherapy has helped many people with anxiety, panic attacks, self-confidence, phobias, smoking, and even weight loss. The growing popularity of this type of treatment means that many people are seeking out this service, and many hypnotherapists are marketing their expertise.

With so many potential options popping up on local Google searches, it can be very difficult to determine which hypnotherapist is qualified and will be able to help you with your specific problem. Even if a close acquaintance recommends a specific hypnotherapist, he or she may not be the right one for you.

Ultimately, you are the one who needs to make that appointment and go in for a hypnotherapy session. A qualified, confident hypnotherapist will be happy to answer all of your questions to help you come into the session fully confident that you made the right choice.

Here are four questions that will help you find the best hypnotherapist for you:
questions to find best hypnotherapist
Having some questions prepared can help you to pick out the best hypnotherapist to help you

1. What Are Your Qualifications?

Most hypnotherapists will have their qualifications and certifications listed on your website, so you may not have to ask this question directly. Regardless, this is important information you should seek out long before you book an appointment. Hypnotherapy is not regulated in the UK, so you will have to do your due diligence.

Not every hypnotherapist has a degree in psychology or specialises in psychotherapy. Some just have certifications in hypnosis and counselling. No level of education puts one above another, and at the end of the day, you will have to decide what you need from your hypnotherapist. It’s easier to trust those who are at least registered with local professional bodies.

2. What Is Your Experience With This Issue?

The best hypnotherapist for you will have a lot of experience working with your specific issue or medical condition. While experience is not the be-all, end-all of qualification, it will still help give you peace of mind. Ask them about their greatest successes, what techniques were effective for previous patients, and how they dealt with certain issues they have faced as they treated other people with your condition. The more experience they have, the better equipped they should be to treat you.

3. What Is A Typical Session Like?

Before paying for any kind of service, it’s best to know what to expect coming in. Ask your potential hypnotherapist what you should expect during a typical session, how it will address your needs, and what follow-ups will be necessary depending on how the session goes. Your therapist should give you concrete answers about how they will direct your treatment’s progress.

4. What Is Your Success Rate?

No one expects a 100% success rate from any hypnotherapist, but you should know how effective they have been when treating other patients with issues similar to yours. A good hypnotherapist is open about their successes and failures. Clear and honest communication is very encouraging, and it shows that he or she is trustworthy.


With more and more people seeking out hypnotherapy as a potential solution for some issues, the market has become saturated with professionals. It can be challenging to find the best fit for you. Asking some pointed questions will engage your potential hypnotherapist in a dialogue that will help you determine if you will be able to work with them.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, or reduce feelings of anxiety with hypnosis in Leeds, Paul Ramsden is here for you. As a hypnotherapy specialist, I’m looking forward to speaking with you and helping you to move forwards to a brighter future. Book a consultation today!




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