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Hypnosis for Helping People with Social Anxiety Disorder

There is a massive difference between being shy in front of crowds and experiencing anxiety because of it. Unfortunately, social anxiety is not easily recognisable. It has similar symptoms as shyness but has more complex effects on a person. Only a diagnosis could determine the accuracy of a person’s situation. Still, this article can help you understand what social anxiety is and how hypnosis can help people suffering from the disorder. 

Signs You Are Experiencing Social Anxiety

Social anxiety manifests in different ways. Sometimes, it might not be easily distinguishable from panic attacks and shyness, but here are some signs you are experiencing social anxiety: 

  • You get chest pains
  • You feel dizzy
  • You encounter difficulty in sleeping
  • You are restless
  • You feel nauseous
  • You avoid eye contact with people
  • You make sure not to meet many people
  • You are self-conscious all the time
  • You are afraid of other people judging you

How to Know If You Have the Social Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis

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Social anxiety can affect you in many ways depending on your own personal triggers.

Social anxiety disorder exists. It is also known as social phobia, and it is considered a mental health condition that only professionals can diagnose. You can say you have the disorder if:

  • You experience fear and anxiety in any social situation. You encounter the symptoms in your everyday life, and they have been present for around six months.
  • You feel fear about social situations that never goes away
  • You constantly struggle about exposing yourself to other people whom you do not know and fear being scrutinised because of it
  • You are afraid of getting embarrassed in front of others
  • Your physical response is entirely asymmetrical to the situation. For example, others may see handing over homework as a simple task. For a person with social anxiety disorder, that encounter could be worse than it appears. They could even end up vomiting in front of everyone. 

Why Social Anxiety Disorder Exists

There is no singular cause of social anxiety disorder. Similar to other health conditions, genes and other environmental factors contribute to this condition. Besides those, here are some reasons people might experience social anxiety disorder:

  • Social anxiety runs in your family
  • You have parents that are either too protective or too critical of you
  • You often misunderstand or misread other people’s behaviours
  • You lack self-confidence and also fail to develop your social skills

How Hypnosis Can Help 

In every traumatic event in people’s lives, there is always a particular connection between physical and emotional reactions, and that is where hypnotherapy comes in. Whether you have a positive or negative acknowledgement of the situation, it can reset your body’s physical and emotional actions. 

For example, you had a traumatic experience publicly reading the poem you wrote in elementary school. That experience could cause your brain to equate all social situations to the trauma, such as shaking hands and experiencing severe anxiety. The hypnosis will attempt to separate the act of reading the poem from your trauma. The process would also help the emotion grow out of you until you feel better.

The process usually involves three parts: the relaxation phase, where you are brought to a state of complete relaxation, the hierarchy building where you categorise the level of social fears you have, and the slow exposure to feared social situations until you get used to them.


Social anxieties could interfere with many aspects of your life, stopping you from enjoying its little pleasures. If you observe some signs of discomfort and uncertainty, make sure you acknowledge them and find a way to resolve them. If you have resonated well with this article, consider hypnosis as something you need to experience in your quest to combat social anxiety. 

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