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What You Should Know About Hypnotherapy and Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a huge impact on people’s everyday lives. The simple things that most of us take for granted can be seriously hampered by people suffering from chronic pain. If you are someone that suffers, you will already be aware of how your life has had to change and your own limitations.

Everyone has seen some form of hypnosis in popular culture, often as part of something mystical or even dangerous. Real hypnotherapy, though, is practised in a clinic. It is a safe way to approach deep-seated psychological issues, and it helps you put coping strategies in place

During hypnotherapy, the therapist will guide you through replacing your negative thoughts, helping you choose a positive mindset so you can address and solve your problems. Hypnosis is not about what the therapist wants to happen; it’s about helping the patient find the best way they can change their behaviour and cope with their situation. 

They might also ask you to visualise scenes or situations that can help you clarify your goals. Therapists may also prompt you to interact with them while you are under hypnosis; they can ask you to complete sentences or answer questions which can help in uncovering fears or limiting beliefs you unconsciously have.

There is hypnotherapy for fear of flying, for eating disorders, trauma, and many others. If you are interested in beginning this type of treatment, Here are some things you should know about hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy makes you less inhibited

Under hypnosis, you will be more open to suggestion. Hypnosis is often described as a waking state of awareness, which lets you address feelings you have bottled up or memories that you are avoiding. A hypnotic state frees you to speak openly about things that you might tamp down consciously in real life.

Imagery is vital in hypnotherapy

Hypnosis and imagery
Hypnotherapy can help you to open up your imagination.

A state of deep relaxation activates the creative centres of the brain; under hypnosis, a person responds better to prompts asking them to imagine situations, places, or people. This tendency is the basis for Graded Motor Imagery, a treatment that helps guide the brain away from painful triggers or cognitive patterns.

There is hypnotherapy for food phobia, being able to eat fruits and vegetables, general stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other mental health conditions. This treatment provides relief to individuals suffering from destructive mental paths they have trained themselves to take.

Hypnosis can Help Address Chronic Pain

Individuals may also alleviate their physical health issues with hypnosis. Note, though, that its effects vary from one person to another. People have different levels of susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion, and patients who are relatively suggestable will see significant improvements. 

Hypnotherapy for chronic pain Leeds Hypnosis centre
Hypnotherapy can help to alleviate chronic pain symptoms

In addition to levels of responsiveness, a person’s motivation to manage their pain also affects the amount of relief they get from hypnosis. This treatment is not focused on reducing the pain levels a person experiences. Instead, it is aimed at reducing fear and anxiety around the condition

With hypnotherapy, people have seen success in managing HIV neuropathic pain, pain related to surgical procedures, phantom limb, pain in childbirth, fibromyalgia, and many others.

Pain perception dramatically influences a person’s willingness and ability to self-regulate. If a person fears their condition, they might avoid instances or situations that they perceive would make them feel worse. Although well-intentioned, pain avoidance leaves them worse off than if they faced the situation head-on.


Many people do not understand what hypnosis brings to therapy. This treatment is a useful complement to long-term cognitive behavioural therapy, physical therapy, or other medical and psychological remedies.

Develop a lasting positive mindset, break free from trauma, and get relief from chronic pain through hypnosis. Let The Leeds Hypnotherapist help you—we offer a range of services geared towards phobias, anxieties, anger management, and so much more. 

We also offer Skype hypnotherapy for patients who don’t live near our clinic. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us today.




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